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Per Johan started out shooting video, when he joined the army in 1980. For more than 10 years he served as a para ranger in the special forces, making classified video and learned a lot how to stay alive and hide in quite severe conditions. Later he started out in the civilian career, making his living as a IT consultant, but shooting video out in the wild was never forgot. And he use much of his spare time out there. He enjoy staying out in all sort of weather. "There´s no bad weather, only cheap clothes" he often declares! Per Johan likes every aspect of wildlife, making small videos as seen on his homesite. But he has a special passion for birds and his aim for the future is to get good quality footage of as many species of birds in his area as possible. He use good quality equipment, started out shooting wildlife with a Canon XL2 and external lenses, some of the oldest clips at IBC Collection is taken with Canon XLH1 and Canon 7D DSLR. Canon 5DMk3 is used for the newest clips. For ambient audio he use a combination of shotgun mics and lavalieres. A robust and steady tripod is also required to get quality footage at huge focal lengths. Per Johan has provided footage aired in broadcast programs like Norwegian broadcast television, National Geographic Channel and big screen movies at cinemas.

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