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Erik Breden

Harlingen, Texas
My interest in nature began at my father's side growing up in New Jersey. I started taking nature pictures as a teenager, and my subjects included insects, frogs, turtles, snakes, mammals...well, anything that would stay still long enough to be photographed! This interest led to a degree in Vertebrate Zoology from Michigan State University in 1970. A frustrating attempt to photograph a Baltimore Oriole in a large willow tree was the catalyst that ignited my lifelong passion for birds and bird photography. Since then I have photographed over 800 species of North American, South American, European, and Asian birds (over 645 in North America alone!). I chased and documented rare birds in New Jersey for over 25 years. Since moving to Texas in 1999 with my wife Mary, I have documented rarities for the TBRC (Texas Bird Records Committee). A number of my pictures have been published as documentary photographs in various state, national, and international birding publications. In addition, a few of my photographs can be seen in several photographic U.S. field guides. I also provided slides to David Sibley for use in the preparation of the highly acclaimed "Sibley Guide to Birds" (David Allen Sibley, 2000).

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