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Nigde Universitesi, Biyoloji Bolumu (Nigde University, Department of Biology). e-mail: rousettus@hotmail.com
I am a zoologist and currently work at Department of Biology of Niğde University (renamed as Ömer Halisdemir University) as a Full Professor. I was born in Giresun, one of beautiful parts of Karadeniz [Black Sea], in 1971. PhD in Biology in Ege University in izmir. I have studying on systematics, ecology, biology and biogeography of Turkish and the Middle Eastern mammals. I am also interested in ornithology and nature photography, especially birds, mammals, and butterflies and plants. I am also moderators of TRAKUŞ (Turkish Birds) (www.trakus.org), TRAMEM (Turkish mammals) (www.tramem.org), and DogalHayat (dogalhayat.org) with the nickname rousettus [generic name for Egptian fruit bats]. You can find many additional shots in there. Regards

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