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Julien Baudat-Franceschi

Poindimié (Nouvelle-Calédonie)
New Calédonia

Bird addict since childhood, I've began birding in the big town of Paris and its vicinities (banlieue), searching for wildlife between buildings and highways, prospecting for birds in the parks and cemeteries of the Eastern part of the town, and in the remaining woods and wetlands from the banlieue. The maquis, forests and mountains of central northern Corsica also hosted me, as I've spent most of the summers of my chilhood in the village of my family. After a degree in Biogeography at the university Paul Valery of Montpellier, studying the rainforest of French Guiana and its primates, I had the chance to spent the year 1999 in the french antarctic territory of Terre Adélie, to work on penguins. Back from the freezer, a master of Biology at the Strasbourg University brought me back to a more desk based world. After some years of work and travels, I'm now 39 and live in northern New Caledonia since 2005, with my three kids and their mother. I work there with Société Calédonienne d'Ornithologie (Birdlife affiliate), on seabirds (survey to find new colonies, IBA identification, population monitoring, specific work on Vulnerable sub-species of the Fairy tern Sternula nereis exsul, contribution to build the management plan of UNESCO areas) and islands conservation (rodents eradication). I'm happy to share some pictures on this great web-site dedicated to birds.

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