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Pierandrea Brichetti

Italy, Lombardy, Verolavecchia
Ornithologist, he received professional tasks by universities, museums, public institutions and private associations, concerning researches oriented to the distribution, breeding biology and conservation of mediterranean and alpine species.
He has published more than 240 papers (http://www.aves.it/artsci.htm) on Italian and foreign scientific journals (1973-2017) and about thirty ornithological books and atlas, including the 10 volumes of the "Italian Ornithology" (http://www.aves.it/ornita.htm).
He has been correspondent for Italy for "The Birds of the Western Palearctic" (Cramp, S. et al. 1985-1994, voll. 4-9) and "The EBCC Atlas of European breeding birds" (Hagermeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J., 1997). 
From 1993 to 2011 he has been Director of the Italian Center of Ornithological Studies (CISO ONLUS). From 1980 to 2007 he has been Secretary of the "Italian Rarity Committee - COI", of which he is currently a member.
As enthusiast of computer science, he developed some multimedial works and a database (BDO) of over thirty thousand bibliographic records referring to the italian territory and published between 1900 and 2014.
He has a large archive of photos of wild birds taken in their natural environments between 1970 and 2000. Since 1999 he started to making videos of nature, previously using Sony SD TRV900, currently using Canon XHA1, Panasonic HC-X1000 and GoPro Hero 4.

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