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Species list by Simon Colenutt

This page displays a list of species that have been recorded, either in video, photo or audio by the contributor.
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76 species
Species with photographs: 15
Species with sound recordings: 62

Common nameScientific nameVideosPhotosSounds
Family Pheasants, Partridges, Turkeys, Grouse (Phasianidae)
Collared Partridge   Arborophila gingica 1 sound
Family Ducks, Geese, Swans (Anatidae)
Northern Shoveler   Spatula clypeata 1 sound
Family Pigeons, Doves (Columbidae)
European Turtle-dove   Streptopelia turtur 1 sound
Family Nightjars (Caprimulgidae)
Jerdon's Nightjar   Caprimulgus atripennis 1 sound
Family Treeswifts (Hemiprocnidae)
Crested Treeswift   Hemiprocne coronata 1 sound
Family Cuckoos (Cuculidae)
Western Koel   Eudynamys scolopaceus 1 sound
Family Cranes (Gruidae)
Sarus Crane   Antigone antigone 2 photos
Family Bustards (Otididae)
Great Indian Bustard   Ardeotis nigriceps 1 photo
Family Oystercatchers (Haematopodidae)
Eurasian Oystercatcher   Haematopus ostralegus 1 sound
Family Plovers (Charadriidae)
Northern Lapwing   Vanellus vanellus 1 sound
Family Gulls, Terns, Skimmers (Laridae)
Saunders's Gull   Saundersilarus saundersi 1 sound
Audouin's Gull   Larus audouinii 1 photo
Family Barn-owls (Tytonidae)
Sri Lanka Bay-owl   Phodilus assimilis 2 photos
Family Typical Owls (Strigidae)
Northern Boobook   Ninox japonica 1 sound
Mottled Wood-owl   Strix ocellata 2 sounds
Family Hawks, Eagles (Accipitridae)
Crested Serpent-eagle   Spilornis cheela 1 sound
Mountain Hawk-eagle   Nisaetus nipalensis 1 sound
Family Hornbills (Bucerotidae)
Malabar Grey Hornbill   Ocyceros griseus 1 sound
Family Woodpeckers (Picidae)
Maghreb Green Woodpecker   Picus vaillantii 1 photo
Great Spotted Woodpecker   Dendrocopos major 1 sound
Family Cotingas (Cotingidae)
Chestnut-bellied Cotinga   Doliornis remseni 3 photos
Family Honeyeaters (Meliphagidae)
Regent Honeyeater   Anthochaera phrygia 2 photos
Family Cuckooshrikes (Campephagidae)
Brown-rumped Minivet   Pericrocotus cantonensis 1 sound
Family Fantails (Rhipiduridae)
Taveuni Silktail   Lamprolia victoriae 1 photo
Family Crows and Jays (Corvidae)
Xinjiang Ground-jay   Podoces biddulphi 2 photos
Family Tits and Chickadees (Paridae)
Sultan Tit   Melanochlora sultanea 1 sound
Coal Tit   Periparus ater 1 sound
Eurasian Blue Tit   Cyanistes caeruleus 1 sound
Azure Tit   Cyanistes cyanus 1 sound
Family Larks (Alaudidae)
Horned Lark   Eremophila alpestris 1 photo
Family Reed-warblers (Acrocephalidae)
Sykes's Warbler   Iduna rama 1 sound
Blyth’s Reed-warbler   Acrocephalus dumetorum 1 sound
Common Reed-warbler   Acrocephalus scirpaceus 1 sound
Oriental Reed-warbler   Acrocephalus orientalis 1 sound
Family Grasshopper-warblers and Grassbirds (Locustellidae)
Marsh Grassbird   Locustella pryeri 1 sound
Family Bulbuls (Pycnonotidae)
Chestnut Bulbul   Hemixos castanonotus 1 sound
Family Leaf-warblers (Phylloscopidae)
Yellow-browed Warbler   Phylloscopus inornatus 1 sound
Common Chiffchaff   Phylloscopus collybita 1 sound
White-spectacled Warbler   Phylloscopus intermedius 1 sound
Chestnut-crowned Warbler   Phylloscopus castaniceps 1 sound
Green Warbler   Phylloscopus nitidus 1 sound
Hartert's Leaf-warbler   Phylloscopus goodsoni 1 sound
Family Bush-warblers (Scotocercidae)
Korean Bush-warbler   Horornis canturians 1 sound
Family Long-tailed Tits (Aegithalidae)
Black-throated Tit   Aegithalos concinnus 1 sound
Family Old World Warblers and Parrotbills (Sylviidae)
Eurasian Blackcap   Sylvia atricapilla 1 sound
Garden Warbler   Sylvia borin 1 sound
Lesser Whitethroat   Sylvia curruca 2 sounds
Sardinian Warbler   Sylvia melanocephala 1 sound
Balearic Warbler   Sylvia balearica 1 sound
Tarim Hill-warbler   Rhopophilus albosuperciliaris 2 photos 1 sound
Grey-headed Parrotbill   Psittiparus gularis 1 sound
Short-tailed Parrotbill   Neosuthora davidiana 1 sound
Family Scimitar-babblers and allies (Timaliidae)
Streak-breasted Scimitar-babbler   Pomatorhinus ruficollis 1 sound
Grey-sided Scimitar-babbler   Erythrogenys swinhoei 1 sound
Dark-fronted Babbler   Rhopocichla atriceps 1 sound
Rufous-capped Babbler   Cyanoderma ruficeps 1 sound
Family Ground Babblers (Pellorneidae)
Dusky Fulvetta   Schoeniparus brunneus 1 sound
Family Laughingthrushes and allies (Leiotrichidae)
Brown-cheeked Fulvetta   Alcippe poioicephala 1 sound
Grey-cheeked Fulvetta   Alcippe morrisonia 1 sound
Chinese Hwamei   Garrulax canorus 2 sounds
Masked Laughingthrush   Garrulax perspicillatus 1 sound
Black-throated Laughingthrush   Garrulax chinensis 1 sound
Family Old World Flycatchers and Chats (Muscicapidae)
Rufous-tailed Robin   Larvivora sibilans 1 sound
Blue Whistling-thrush   Myophonus caeruleus 1 sound
Yellow-rumped Flycatcher   Ficedula zanthopygia 1 sound
White-browed Bushchat   Saxicola macrorhynchus 1 photo
Black Wheatear   Oenanthe leucura 1 photo
Family Kinglets and Firecrests (Regulidae)
Goldcrest   Regulus regulus 1 sound
Family Elachura (Elachuridae)
Spotted Elachura   Elachura formosa 1 sound
Family Old World Sparrows (Passeridae)
Saxaul Sparrow   Passer ammodendri 1 sound
Family Finches (Fringillidae)
Gran Canaria Blue Chaffinch   Fringilla polatzeki 1 photo
African Crimson-winged Finch   Rhodopechys alienus 2 photos
Eurasian Siskin   Spinus spinus 1 sound
Family Old World Buntings (Emberizidae)
Corn Bunting   Emberiza calandra 1 sound
Yellowhammer   Emberiza citrinella 1 sound
Reed Bunting   Emberiza schoeniclus 1 sound

76 species
Species with photographs: 15
Species with sound recordings: 62