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Hal and Kirsten Snyder

Florida, USA
United States
Hal and Kirsten Snyder have always loved photography, birds, and being outdoors. They started their website www.moonbeampublishing.com on bird photography and other interests in 2008, sharing the amazing sights they witnessed in nature. Awards and publications followed, though most credit goes to the EOS Canon 1DX and Mark IV they use. Actively promoting the ethics of good birding habits, they use neither tapes nor flash in the field. In 2011, work moved them from Delaware, USA, to Shanghai, China for two years. In their spare time there, they tried to travel and see as many bird species as they could. Besides the many countries in Asia itself, India and Northern Australia were also visited. Now retired in northern Florida, they hope to have even more time to photograph the winged wonders of the world. Trips are already being planned to Antarctica and South America. While it is certain that they will continue to miss more wonderful shots than they capture, the thrill of watching the beauty of flight will always remain.

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