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Photographer based in Brussels - Belgium. Starting photography with bird photography, birds are a passion since his childhood. It is always a pleasure for him to discover new countries and new associated species worldwide. Graduated in Ornithology from the Nord-Trondelag University College/ Nord University (Norway), Frédéric is a strong defender of birds. He is involved in several nature protection associations of his country, according time for initiatives for the European and Belgian avifauna protection. He also guided groups in several european countries. He studied the birds for many years now and he is a keen collector of Ornithological books of birds wordlwide. Constantly improving his knowledge in this exciting field, he considers the members of this group as the most beautiful and most diverse representatives of the evolution cycle and as the best ambassadors when it comes to talk about nature protection. Sad to think that around the fifth of the the almost 10,000 species currently known are currently facing the extinction.

"Birds belong to our world for millions of years and we need them, much more than they do. I believe that we need their magic. Would the world not be terribly sad and most painful without them?" From the book "Birds, magic moments" of finnish bird photographer Markus Varesvuo.

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