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Mario Caffi

Borgo S. Giacomo Lombardia Italia

Mario Caffi, born in Borgo S. Giacomo in 1954, self-taugth ornithologist, for several years has been engaged for research in ethology of behaviour and reproductive biology of birds and cooperates actively with many institutes and universities of animals biology. He’s member of Centro Studi Naturalistici in Brescia, at Museo di Scienze Naturali, collaborator Museo di Scienze Naturali in Milan. He published more than 50 scientific articles for the most important magazines of the field, 30 of them about reproductive biology (see RIO Milan). He’s also in possession of regional and national authorisation for birds manipulation and capture for scientific end, and he cooperates actively with Istituto della Fauna Selvatica in Bologna from which he’s authorized at chicks ringing at the nest. He worked together on the realization of several provincial and regional atlases, and also for national atlas of birds nest-building and wintering. He still cooperates with Università Statale di Milano for a work about swift (Apus apus) biology and for three years with Madrid University (Spain) for monitoring and study about blackcap (Sylvia atracapilla) subspecies (pauluccii) biology. Caffi Mario Via Bachelet 2 Borgo S. Giacomo BS Email-

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