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Samboseto di Busseto, Parma, Emilia Romagna
Born in Parma in February 1954 always fond of nature and love of birds. Ornithologist. For me to photograph and film are means to deepen my biological and ethological knowledge, but also a way to admire the endless beauty of Nature. I started taking pictures in 1980, obviously using film cameras and equipment with manual focus. In the early 2000 I joined the photography shooting video that allowed me to study and investigate the behaviors and attitudes of the animals. Since 2011 I have also started to take pictures with digital cameras. My photographs have appeared in numerous ornithological books and publications, while shooting video have been used in several Italian documentaries. Between 1980 and 2014 I was a member of the staff of LIPU-Birdlife Italy as an ornithologist and field manager of Torrile reserve, the project that I conceived, designed and built in 1986, the first Italian example of environmental restoration by creating suitable habitats for life animal from agricultural fields that have been transformed into a moist environment. In 2011, thanks to the natural value reached the reserve has become Regional Nature Reserve. I collaborated with several university institutes for the study of birds, ecology and management. I worked with the Departments responsible for censuses Multiannual fauna, multitude of related projects, such as breeding bird atlas, waterfowl censuses, bird ringing schemes and conservation plans for nature reserves, for the drafting of the areas at the SPA, for interventions and monitoring systems on Eolici. I collaborated on 17 restoration projects in particular natural environment for recreation of former quarries litoide material (sand, gravel and clay ). I have collaborated in the drafting of spatial plans of wildlife management for the regional parks of the province of Parma; two natural areas and a national park in the Greek republic (with a team of the National Greek for the protection of fauna) I have to my credit several scientific publications even international, articles in scientific journals and published several books about birds. I done the nature guide by performing several tours in the natural areas of the world most important bird's areas. I maded over 1200 lessons for educational purposes, presentations or nature projections in different parts of Italy.

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