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Martin grew up in the Trent Valley of Nottinghamshire and his early days birding were around the gravel pits near to Newark. Now he lives and works in Singapore, which gives many opportunities to visit nearby countries to boost his list and video more species.
He has been going on overseas birding trips since 1988 and videoing since 2002. During his early birding trips, seeing nightbirds was a challenge, now the challenge is filming them.
He has footage from (in no specific order) Mexico, Antarctica, South Africa, Costa Rica, Brazil, Egypt, Uganda, Indonesia (Sulawesi, Halmahera, Batanta, Salawati, Irian Jaya, Java, Sumatra, Simeulue), Sri Lanka, Nepal, Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, South Korea, India, Spain, UK, Cambodia, Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, New Britain, USA (mainly Maryland, but also California, Virginia, and Pennsylvania), Ghana, Vietnam, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Peru, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Cameroon, The Philippines, China, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, Chile, and Madagascar. One of latest trips to Ghana, the land of dots in the canopy (and Picathartes!), I apologise in advance for the dots......
First few years used a Sony HandyCam, and recently (2009) switched to Sony HDR-FX7.

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