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Species list by Paul Clarke

This page displays a list of species that have been recorded, either in video, photo or audio by the contributor.
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787 species
Species with videos: 786
Species with sound recordings: 12

Common nameScientific nameVideosPhotosSounds
Family Tinamous (Tinamidae)
Great Tinamou   Tinamus major 1 video
Family Kiwis (Apterygidae)
Southern Brown Kiwi   Apteryx australis 3 videos
Family Megapodes (Megapodiidae)
Black-billed Brush-turkey   Talegalla fuscirostris 1 video
Family Guans, Chachalacas, Curassows (Cracidae)
Black Guan   Chamaepetes unicolor 1 video
Rusty-margined Guan   Penelope superciliaris 1 video
Crested Guan   Penelope purpurascens 1 video
Dusky-legged Guan   Penelope obscura 2 videos
Red-throated Piping-guan   Pipile cujubi 1 video
Plain Chachalaca   Ortalis vetula 1 video
Great Curassow   Crax rubra 1 video
Bare-faced Curassow   Crax fasciolata 1 video
Razor-billed Curassow   Mitu tuberosum 1 video
Family Guineafowl (Numididae)
Helmeted Guineafowl   Numida meleagris 1 video
Vulturine Guineafowl   Acryllium vulturinum 2 videos
Family New World Quails (Odontophoridae)
Mountain Quail   Oreortyx pictus 2 videos
Elegant Quail   Callipepla douglasii 1 video
Gambel's Quail   Callipepla gambelii 2 videos
Family Pheasants, Partridges, Turkeys, Grouse (Phasianidae)
Bornean Partridge   Arborophila hyperythra 1 video
Crimson-headed Partridge   Haematortyx sanguiniceps 1 video
Heuglin's Francolin   Pternistis icterorhynchus 1 video
Harwood's Francolin   Pternistis harwoodi 3 videos
Ahanta Francolin   Pternistis ahantensis 1 video
Scaly Francolin   Pternistis squamatus 2 videos
Chestnut-naped Francolin   Pternistis castaneicollis 2 videos
Crested Francolin   Dendroperdix sephaena 3 videos
Ocellated Turkey   Meleagris ocellata 1 video
Family Ducks, Geese, Swans (Anatidae)
Black-bellied Whistling-duck   Dendrocygna autumnalis 2 videos
White-backed Duck   Thalassornis leuconotus 1 video
Greater White-fronted Goose   Anser albifrons 1 video
Surf Scoter   Melanitta perspicillata 1 video
Ashy-headed Goose   Chloephaga poliocephala 1 video
Egyptian Goose   Alopochen aegyptiaca 1 video
Ruddy Shelduck   Tadorna ferruginea 1 video
Paradise Shelduck   Tadorna variegata 1 video
African Comb Duck   Sarkidiornis melanotos 1 video
African Pygmy-goose   Nettapus auritus 1 video
Green Pygmy-goose   Nettapus pulchellus 1 video
Wood Duck   Aix sponsa 1 video
Blue Duck   Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos 2 videos
Blue-winged Goose   Cyanochen cyanoptera 2 videos
New Zealand Scaup   Aythya novaeseelandiae 1 video
Lesser Scaup   Aythya affinis 1 video
Flying Steamerduck   Tachyeres patachonicus 1 video
Crested Duck   Lophonetta specularioides 2 videos
Gadwall   Mareca strepera 1 video
Eurasian Wigeon   Mareca penelope 2 videos
African Black Duck   Anas sparsa 1 video
Meller's Duck   Anas melleri 1 video
Brown Teal   Anas chlorotis 2 videos
Madagascar Teal   Anas bernieri 2 videos
Red-billed Teal   Anas erythrorhyncha 1 video
Family Grebes (Podicipedidae)
Little Grebe   Tachybaptus ruficollis 1 video
Madagascar Grebe   Tachybaptus pelzelnii 1 video
Horned Grebe   Podiceps auritus 3 videos
Family Tropicbirds (Phaethontidae)
Red-tailed Tropicbird   Phaethon rubricauda 3 videos
Family Sunbittern (Eurypygidae)
Sunbittern   Eurypyga helias 1 video
Family Mesites (Mesitornithidae)
White-breasted Mesite   Mesitornis variegatus 1 video
Brown Mesite   Mesitornis unicolor 1 video
Subdesert Mesite   Monias benschi 2 videos
Family Pigeons, Doves (Columbidae)
White-winged Collared-dove   Streptopelia reichenowi 1 video
Madagascar Turtle-dove   Nesoenas picturatus 1 video
Northern Band-tailed Pigeon   Patagioenas fasciata 3 videos
Ring-tailed Pigeon   Patagioenas caribaea 2 videos
Crested Quail-dove   Geotrygon versicolor 1 video
Inca Dove   Columbina inca 1 video
Scaled Dove   Columbina squammata 1 video
Common Ground-dove   Columbina passerina 1 video
Ecuadorian Ground-dove   Columbina buckleyi 1 video
Ruddy Ground-dove   Columbina talpacoti 1 video
Luzon Bleeding-heart   Gallicolumba luzonica 1 video
Western Bronze Ground-dove   Alopecoenas beccarii 1 video
Squatter Pigeon   Geophaps scripta 1 video
Sclater's Crowned-pigeon   Goura sclaterii 1 video
Black-billed Wood-dove   Turtur abyssinicus 2 videos 1 sound
Namaqua Dove   Oena capensis 1 video
African Green-pigeon   Treron calvus 1 video
Pink-spotted Fruit-dove   Ptilinopus perlatus 1 video
New Zealand Pigeon   Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae 2 videos
Family Sandgrouse (Pteroclidae)
Yellow-throated Sandgrouse   Pterocles gutturalis 1 video
Four-banded Sandgrouse   Pterocles quadricinctus 1 video
Family Frogmouths (Podargidae)
Marbled Frogmouth   Podargus ocellatus 1 video
Papuan Frogmouth   Podargus papuensis 2 videos
Family Potoos (Nyctibiidae)
Northern Potoo   Nyctibius jamaicensis 1 video
Common Potoo   Nyctibius griseus 1 video
Family Nightjars (Caprimulgidae)
Collared Nightjar   Gactornis enarratus 1 video
Long-tailed Nightjar   Caprimulgus climacurus 1 video
Slender-tailed Nightjar   Caprimulgus clarus 1 video
Family Owlet-nightjars (Aegothelidae)
Barred Owlet-nightjar   Aegotheles bennettii 1 video
Family Swifts (Apodidae)
Glossy Swiftlet   Collocalia esculenta 1 video
Black-nest Swiftlet   Aerodramus maximus 1 video
Edible-nest Swiftlet   Aerodramus fuciphagus 1 video
Mossy-nest Swiftlet   Aerodramus salangana 1 video
Family Hummingbirds (Trochilidae)
Black Jacobin   Florisuga fusca 1 video
Jamaican Mango   Anthracothorax mango 1 video
Amethyst-throated Sunangel   Heliangelus amethysticollis 1 video
Little Sunangel   Heliangelus micraster 2 videos
Purple-throated Sunangel   Heliangelus viola 1 video
Wire-crested Thorntail   Discosura popelairii 1 video
Festive Coquette   Lophornis chalybeus 4 videos
Long-tailed Sylph   Aglaiocercus kingii 1 video
Ecuadorian Hillstar   Oreotrochilus chimborazo 1 video
Rufous-capped Thornbill   Chalcostigma ruficeps 1 video
Brazilian Ruby   Clytolaema rubricauda 1 video
Violet-headed Hummingbird   Klais guimeti 1 video
Black-bellied Hummingbird   Eupherusa nigriventris 2 videos
Violet-capped Woodnymph   Thalurania glaucopis 1 video
White-throated Hummingbird   Leucochloris albicollis 1 video
Amazilia Hummingbird   Amazilia amazilia 1 video
Versicolored Emerald   Amazilia versicolor 3 videos
Azure-crowned Hummingbird   Amazilia cyanocephala 1 video 1 sound
Glittering-throated Emerald   Amazilia fimbriata 1 video
Red-billed Streamertail   Trochilus polytmus 1 video
Gilded Hummingbird   Hylocharis chrysura 1 video
White-eared Hummingbird   Basilinna leucotis 1 video
Blue-throated Hummingbird   Lampornis clemenciae 1 video
Vervain Hummingbird   Mellisuga minima 1 video
Costa's Hummingbird   Calypte costae 2 videos
Black-chinned Hummingbird   Archilochus alexandri 1 video
Calliope Hummingbird   Selasphorus calliope 1 video
Family Cuckoos (Cuculidae)
Guira Cuckoo   Guira guira 1 video
Pavonine Cuckoo   Dromococcyx pavoninus 1 video
Greater Roadrunner   Geococcyx californianus 3 videos
Coquerel's Coua   Coua coquereli 1 video
Red-breasted Coua   Coua serriana 1 video
Red-fronted Coua   Coua reynaudii 2 videos
Running Coua   Coua cursor 1 video
Red-capped Coua   Coua ruficeps 1 video
Crested Coua   Coua cristata 1 video
Verreaux's Coua   Coua verreauxi 1 video
Blue Coua   Coua caerulea 1 video
Senegal Coucal   Centropus senegalensis 1 video
Blue-headed Coucal   Centropus monachus 1 video
White-browed Coucal   Centropus superciliosus 1 video
Greater Coucal   Centropus sinensis 1 video
Madagascar Coucal   Centropus toulou 2 videos
Black-billed Coucal   Centropus bernsteini 1 video
Little Cuckoo   Coccycua minuta 1 video
Chestnut-bellied Cuckoo   Coccyzus pluvialis 1 video
Dwarf Koel   Microdynamis parva 1 video
Little Bronze-cuckoo   Chalcites minutillus 1 video
Violet Cuckoo   Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus 1 video
Dusky Long-tailed Cuckoo   Cercococcyx mechowi 1 video
Red-chested Cuckoo   Cuculus solitarius 1 video
Family Finfoots (Heliornithidae)
African Finfoot   Podica senegalensis 2 videos
Family Rails, Gallinules, Coots (Rallidae)
Virginia Rail   Rallus limicola 2 videos
Weka   Gallirallus australis 3 videos
White-throated Rail   Dryolimnas cuvieri 1 video
Rouget's Rail   Rougetius rougetii 3 videos
Blackish Rail   Pardirallus nigricans 1 video
White-browed Crake   Amaurornis cinerea 1 video
Purple Swamphen   Porphyrio porphyrio 1 video
South Island Takahe   Porphyrio hochstetteri 2 videos
Dusky Moorhen   Gallinula tenebrosa 1 video
Red-knobbed Coot   Fulica cristata 1 video
Family Trumpeters (Psophiidae)
Green-winged Trumpeter   Psophia viridis 1 video
Family Limpkin (Aramidae)
Limpkin   Aramus guarauna 1 video
Family Cranes (Gruidae)
Grey Crowned-crane   Balearica regulorum 2 videos
Black Crowned-crane   Balearica pavonina 1 video
Family Bustards (Otididae)
Black-bellied Bustard   Lissotis melanogaster 1 video
Denham's Bustard   Neotis denhami 1 video
Buff-crested Bustard   Lophotis gindiana 1 video
White-bellied Bustard   Eupodotis senegalensis 3 videos
Family Turacos (Musophagidae)
Great Blue Turaco   Corythaeola cristata 3 videos
White-bellied Go-away-bird   Criniferoides leucogaster 1 video
Brown-faced Go-away-bird   Corythaixoides personatus 1 video
Rwenzori Turaco   Gallirex johnstoni 1 video
Green Turaco   Tauraco persa 1 video
White-cheeked Turaco   Tauraco leucotis 1 video
Family Penguins (Spheniscidae)
Fiordland Penguin   Eudyptes pachyrhynchus 1 video
Yellow-eyed Penguin   Megadyptes antipodes 1 video
Little Penguin   Eudyptula minor 1 video
Family Southern Storm-petrels (Oceanitidae)
New Zealand Storm-petrel   Fregetta maoriana 1 video
Family Albatrosses (Diomedeidae)
Southern Royal Albatross   Diomedea epomophora 2 videos
White-capped Albatross   Thalassarche steadi 1 video
Salvin's Albatross   Thalassarche salvini 1 video
Family Petrels, Shearwaters (Procellariidae)
Southern Giant Petrel   Macronectes giganteus 1 video
Family Storks (Ciconiidae)
Lesser Adjutant   Leptoptilos javanicus 1 video
Storm's Stork   Ciconia stormi 1 video
Jabiru   Jabiru mycteria 2 videos
Family Ibises, Spoonbills (Threskiornithidae)
Roseate Spoonbill   Platalea ajaja 1 video
African Sacred Ibis   Threskiornis aethiopicus 1 video
Madagascar Sacred Ibis   Threskiornis bernieri 1 video
Wattled Ibis   Bostrychia carunculata 1 video
Black-faced Ibis   Theristicus melanopis 2 videos
Family Herons (Ardeidae)
Bare-throated Tiger-heron   Tigrisoma mexicanum 1 video
Boat-billed Heron   Cochlearius cochlearius 1 video
Cinnamon Bittern   Ixobrychus cinnamomeus 2 videos
White-backed Night-heron   Calherodius leuconotus 2 videos
Black-crowned Night-heron   Nycticorax nycticorax 1 video
Rufous Night-heron   Nycticorax caledonicus 1 video
Madagascar Heron   Ardea humbloti 1 video
Reddish Egret   Egretta rufescens 2 videos
Black Heron   Egretta ardesiaca 2 videos
Little Blue Heron   Egretta caerulea 1 video
Snowy Egret   Egretta thula 1 video
Little Egret   Egretta garzetta 2 videos
Western Reef-egret   Egretta gularis 4 videos
Family Shoebill (Balaenicipitidae)
Shoebill   Balaeniceps rex 1 video
Family Pelicans (Pelecanidae)
Brown Pelican   Pelecanus occidentalis 1 video
American White Pelican   Pelecanus erythrorhynchos 1 video
Family Cormorants (Phalacrocoracidae)
Little Pied Cormorant   Microcarbo melanoleucos 3 videos
Rock Shag   Leucocarbo magellanicus 1 video
Rough-faced Shag   Leucocarbo carunculatus 1 video
Stewart Shag   Leucocarbo chalconotus 1 video
Double-crested Cormorant   Nannopterum auritus 2 videos
Spotted Shag   Phalacrocorax punctatus 1 video
Family Darters (Anhingidae)
Oriental Darter   Anhinga melanogaster 2 videos
Family Egyptian Plover (Pluvianidae)
Egyptian Plover   Pluvianus aegyptius 3 videos
Family Oystercatchers (Haematopodidae)
Blackish Oystercatcher   Haematopus ater 1 video
Family Plovers (Charadriidae)
Southern Red-breasted Plover   Charadrius obscurus 1 video
Black-banded Plover   Charadrius thoracicus 1 video
Snowy Plover   Charadrius nivosus 1 video
Double-banded Plover   Charadrius bicinctus 1 video
Rufous-chested Plover   Charadrius modestus 1 video
Senegal Lapwing   Vanellus lugubris 2 videos
Spot-breasted Lapwing   Vanellus melanocephalus 1 video
Wrybill   Anarhynchus frontalis 1 video
Family Jacanas (Jacanidae)
Northern Jacana   Jacana spinosa 2 videos
African Jacana   Actophilornis africanus 2 videos
Madagascar Jacana   Actophilornis albinucha 1 video
Lesser Jacana   Microparra capensis 1 video
Family Sandpipers, Snipes, Phalaropes (Scolopacidae)
Baird's Sandpiper   Calidris bairdii 1 video
White-rumped Sandpiper   Calidris fuscicollis 1 video
Giant Snipe   Gallinago undulata 1 video
Family Buttonquails (Turnicidae)
Madagascar Buttonquail   Turnix nigricollis 1 video
Family Coursers, Pratincoles (Glareolidae)
Rock Pratincole   Glareola nuchalis 1 video
Family Gulls, Terns, Skimmers (Laridae)
Black Skimmer   Rynchops niger 1 video
Silver Gull   Larus novaehollandiae 3 videos
Dolphin Gull   Larus scoresbii 2 videos
Heermann's Gull   Larus heermanni 1 video
Least Tern   Sternula antillarum 1 video
Large-billed Tern   Phaetusa simplex 1 video
Black-fronted Tern   Chlidonias albostriatus 1 video
Family Barn-owls (Tytonidae)
Oriental Bay-owl   Phodilus badius 1 video
Common Barn-owl   Tyto alba 1 video
Family Typical Owls (Strigidae)
Barking Owl   Ninox connivens 1 video
Luzon Boobook   Ninox philippensis 1 video
Pearl-spotted Owlet   Glaucidium perlatum 1 video
Northern Pygmy-owl   Glaucidium californicum 1 video
Ferruginous Pygmy-owl   Glaucidium brasilianum 1 video
Peruvian Pygmy-owl   Glaucidium peruanum 1 video
Burrowing Owl   Athene cunicularia 2 videos
White-browed Owl   Athene superciliaris 1 video
Luzon Lowland Scops-owl   Otus megalotis 1 video
Luzon Highland Scops-owl   Otus longicornis 1 video
Madagascar Scops-owl   Otus rutilus 4 videos
Northern Long-eared Owl   Asio otus 2 videos
African Long-eared Owl   Asio abyssinicus 1 video
Madagascar Long-eared Owl   Asio madagascariensis 1 video
Flammulated Owl   Psiloscops flammeolus 1 video
Brown Wood-owl   Strix leptogrammica 1 video
African Wood-owl   Strix woodfordii 1 video
Buffy Fish-owl   Ketupa ketupu 1 video
Family Hawks, Eagles (Accipitridae)
Black-winged Kite   Elanus caeruleus 1 video
White-tailed Kite   Elanus leucurus 1 video
Grey-headed Kite   Leptodon cayanensis 1 video
Black-chested Snake-eagle   Circaetus pectoralis 1 video
Brown Snake-eagle   Circaetus cinereus 1 video
Hooded Vulture   Necrosyrtes monachus 1 video
Rüppell's Vulture   Gyps rueppelli 1 video
Cinereous Vulture   Aegypius monachus 1 video
Wallace's Hawk-eagle   Nisaetus nanus 2 videos
Tawny Eagle   Aquila rapax 1 video
Golden Eagle   Aquila chrysaetos 1 video
Lizard Buzzard   Kaupifalco monogrammicus 1 video
Dark Chanting-goshawk   Melierax metabates 1 video
Western Marsh-harrier   Circus aeruginosus 1 video
Papuan Harrier   Circus spilothorax 1 video
Long-winged Harrier   Circus buffoni 1 video
Frances's Sparrowhawk   Accipiter francesiae 2 videos
Cooper's Hawk   Accipiter cooperii 2 videos 1 sound
Bald Eagle   Haliaeetus leucocephalus 1 video
Lesser Fish-eagle   Icthyophaga humilis 1 video
Red Kite   Milvus milvus 1 video
Grasshopper Buzzard   Butastur rufipennis 1 video
Roadside Hawk   Rupornis magnirostris 1 video
Great Black Hawk   Buteogallus urubitinga 1 video
Variable Hawk   Geranoaetus polyosoma 1 video
Red-tailed Hawk   Buteo jamaicensis 1 video
Augur Buzzard   Buteo augur 1 video
Madagascar Buzzard   Buteo brachypterus 1 video
Family Cuckoo Roller (Leptosomidae)
Cuckoo Roller   Leptosomus discolor 4 videos
Family Trogons (Trogonidae)
Bar-tailed Trogon   Apaloderma vittatum 1 video
Whitehead's Trogon   Harpactes whiteheadi 1 video
Black-headed Trogon   Trogon melanocephalus 1 video
Southern Surucua Trogon   Trogon surrucura 1 video
Mountain Trogon   Trogon mexicanus 1 video
Collared Trogon   Trogon collaris 1 video
Family Hornbills (Bucerotidae)
Northern Ground-hornbill   Bucorvus abyssinicus 3 videos
African Grey Hornbill   Lophoceros nasutus 1 video
Black-casqued Hornbill   Ceratogymna atrata 2 videos
Silvery-cheeked Hornbill   Bycanistes brevis 2 videos
Rhinoceros Hornbill   Buceros rhinoceros 2 videos
Bushy-crested Hornbill   Anorrhinus galeritus 3 videos
Black Hornbill   Anthracoceros malayanus 2 videos
Wrinkled Hornbill   Rhabdotorrhinus corrugatus 1 video
Luzon Hornbill   Penelopides manillae 1 video
Papuan Hornbill   Rhyticeros plicatus 1 video
Family Hoopoes (Upupidae)
Madagascar Hoopoe   Upupa marginata 2 videos
Family Woodhoopoes (Phoeniculidae)
Green Woodhoopoe   Phoeniculus purpureus 1 video
White-headed Woodhoopoe   Phoeniculus bollei 1 video
Black Scimitarbill   Rhinopomastus aterrimus 1 video
Family Bee-eaters (Meropidae)
Red-throated Bee-eater   Merops bulocki 2 videos
White-throated Bee-eater   Merops albicollis 1 video
Northern Carmine Bee-eater   Merops nubicus 2 videos
Blue-throated Bee-eater   Merops viridis 4 videos
Rufous-crowned Bee-eater   Merops americanus 3 videos
Olive Bee-eater   Merops superciliosus 2 videos 1 sound
Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater   Merops oreobates 1 video
Blue-breasted Bee-eater   Merops variegatus 1 video
Family Rollers (Coraciidae)
Abyssinian Roller   Coracias abyssinicus 1 video
Blue-bellied Roller   Coracias cyanogaster 1 video
Blue-throated Roller   Eurystomus gularis 1 video
Family Ground-rollers (Brachypteraciidae)
Long-tailed Ground-roller   Uratelornis chimaera 1 video
Pitta-like Ground-roller   Atelornis pittoides 1 video 1 sound
Rufous-headed Ground-roller   Atelornis crossleyi 1 video
Family Kingfishers (Alcedinidae)
African Pygmy-kingfisher   Ispidina picta 1 video
White-bellied Kingfisher   Corythornis leucogaster 1 video
Malachite Kingfisher   Corythornis cristatus 3 videos
Madagascar Kingfisher   Corythornis vintsioides 3 videos
Blue-eared Kingfisher   Alcedo meninting 1 video
Giant Kingfisher   Megaceryle maxima 1 video
Ringed Kingfisher   Megaceryle torquata 1 video
American Pygmy-kingfisher   Chloroceryle aenea 1 video
Black-faced Kingfisher   Lacedo melanops 1 video
Stork-billed Kingfisher   Pelargopsis capensis 1 video
Blue-breasted Kingfisher   Halcyon malimbica 1 video
Woodland Kingfisher   Halcyon senegalensis 1 video
Spotted Kingfisher   Actenoides lindsayi 1 video
Rufous-collared Kingfisher   Actenoides concretus 1 video
Rufous-bellied Kookaburra   Dacelo gaudichaud 1 video
Family Jacamars (Galbulidae)
Three-toed Jacamar   Jacamaralcyon tridactyla 1 video
Family Puffbirds (Bucconidae)
Barred Puffbird   Nystalus radiatus 1 video
White-eared Puffbird   Nystalus chacuru 1 video
Spot-backed Puffbird   Nystalus maculatus 1 video
Family Toucans (Ramphastidae)
Chestnut-eared Araçari   Pteroglossus castanotis 1 video
Family Asian Barbets (Megalaimidae)
Golden-naped Barbet   Psilopogon pulcherrimus 1 video
Mountain Barbet   Psilopogon monticola 1 video
Family African Barbets (Lybiidae)
Red-and-yellow Barbet   Trachyphonus erythrocephalus 1 video
Western Green Tinkerbird   Pogoniulus coryphaea 2 videos
Hairy-breasted Barbet   Tricholaema hirsuta 1 video
Banded Barbet   Lybius undatus 1 video
Red-faced Barbet   Lybius rubrifacies 1 video
Double-toothed Barbet   Pogonornis bidentatus 1 video
Family Honeyguides (Indicatoridae)
Lesser Honeyguide   Indicator minor 1 video
Family Woodpeckers (Picidae)
White-barred Piculet   Picumnus cirratus 2 videos
Grey-and-buff Woodpecker   Hemicircus sordidus 1 video
Pale-billed Woodpecker   Campephilus guatemalensis 1 video
Magellanic Woodpecker   Campephilus magellanicus 3 videos
Banded Woodpecker   Chrysophlegma miniaceum 1 video
Nubian Woodpecker   Campethera nubica 1 video
Yellow-throated Woodpecker   Piculus flavigula 1 video
Green-barred Woodpecker   Colaptes melanochloros 1 video
Scaly-breasted Woodpecker   Celeus grammicus 1 video
Blond-crested Woodpecker   Celeus flavescens 1 video
Northern Sooty Woodpecker   Mulleripicus funebris 1 video
Red-naped Sapsucker   Sphyrapicus nuchalis 2 videos
Red-breasted Sapsucker   Sphyrapicus ruber 1 video
White Woodpecker   Melanerpes candidus 1 video
Lewis's Woodpecker   Melanerpes lewis 1 video
Acorn Woodpecker   Melanerpes formicivorus 1 video
Yellow-fronted Woodpecker   Melanerpes flavifrons 2 videos
Abyssinian Woodpecker   Dendropicos abyssinicus 2 videos
Bearded Woodpecker   Dendropicos namaquus 1 video
Grey Woodpecker   Dendropicos goertae 1 video
Downy Woodpecker   Dryobates pubescens 2 videos
Ladder-backed Woodpecker   Dryobates scalaris 1 video
Hairy Woodpecker   Leuconotopicus villosus 1 video
White-headed Woodpecker   Leuconotopicus albolarvatus 3 videos
Family Seriemas (Cariamidae)
Red-legged Seriema   Cariama cristata 3 videos
Family Falcons, Caracaras (Falconidae)
Laughing Falcon   Herpetotheres cachinnans 1 video
African Pygmy-falcon   Polihierax semitorquatus 1 video
Madagascar Kestrel   Falco newtoni 3 videos
Grey Kestrel   Falco ardosiaceus 1 video
Banded Kestrel   Falco zoniventris 1 video
Red-necked Falcon   Falco ruficollis 3 videos
Merlin   Falco columbarius 1 video
Brown Falcon   Falco berigora 1 video
Family New Zealand Parrots (Strigopidae)
Kea   Nestor notabilis 2 videos
New Zealand Kaka   Nestor meridionalis 1 video
Family Parrots (Psittacidae)
Brown Parrot   Poicephalus meyeri 1 video
Plain Parakeet   Brotogeris tirica 1 video
Yellow-faced Amazon   Alipiopsitta xanthops 1 video
Turquoise-fronted Amazon   Amazona aestiva 1 video
Maroon-bellied Parakeet   Pyrrhura frontalis 2 videos
El Oro Parakeet   Pyrrhura orcesi 1 video
White-necked Parakeet   Pyrrhura albipectus 3 videos
Peach-fronted Parakeet   Eupsittula aurea 2 videos
Nanday Parakeet   Aratinga nenday 1 video
Yellow-collared Macaw   Primolius auricollis 1 video
Blue-winged Macaw   Primolius maracana 1 video
Blue-and-yellow Macaw   Ara ararauna 1 video
Blue-crowned Parakeet   Psittacara acuticaudatus 1 video
Vasa Parrot   Coracopsis vasa 1 video
Black Parrot   Coracopsis nigra 1 video
Brehm's Tiger-parrot   Psittacella brehmii 2 videos
Stella's Lorikeet   Charmosyna stellae 1 video
Grey-headed Lovebird   Agapornis canus 1 video
Black-winged Lovebird   Agapornis taranta 1 video
Red-winged Parrot   Aprosmictus erythropterus 1 video
Blue-naped Parrot   Tanygnathus lucionensis 2 videos
Family New Zealand Wrens (Acanthisittidae)
Rifleman   Acanthisitta chloris 1 video
New Zealand Rockwren   Xenicus gilviventris 2 videos
Family Pittas (Pittidae)
Giant Pitta   Hydrornis caeruleus 1 video
Blue-headed Pitta   Hydrornis baudii 2 videos
Family Asities (Philepittidae)
Velvet Asity   Philepitta castanea 2 videos
Common Sunbird-asity   Neodrepanis coruscans 1 video
Yellow-bellied Sunbird-asity   Neodrepanis hypoxantha 1 video
Family Typical Broadbills (Eurylaimidae)
Grauer's Broadbill   Pseudocalyptomena graueri 1 video
Black-and-red Broadbill   Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos 1 video
Black-and-yellow Broadbill   Eurylaimus ochromalus 1 video
Family Typical Antbirds (Thamnophilidae)
Rufous-winged Antshrike   Thamnophilus torquatus 1 video
Lined Antshrike   Thamnophilus tenuepunctatus 1 video 1 sound
Mato Grosso Antbird   Cercomacra melanaria 1 video
Scaled Antbird   Drymophila squamata 1 video
Band-tailed Antbird   Hypocnemoides maculicauda 1 video
Family Gnateaters (Conopophagidae)
Black-cheeked Gnateater   Conopophaga melanops 1 video
Family Antpittas (Grallariidae)
Jocotoco Antpitta   Grallaria ridgelyi 3 videos
Family Tapaculos (Rhinocryptidae)
Chusquea Tapaculo   Scytalopus parkeri 2 videos
Family Ovenbirds (Furnariidae)
Planalto Woodcreeper   Dendrocolaptes platyrostris 1 video
Southern Spot-crowned Woodcreeper   Lepidocolaptes neglectus 1 video
Wren-like Rushbird   Phleocryptes melanops 1 video
Buff-winged Cinclodes   Cinclodes fuscus 2 videos
Black Cinclodes   Cinclodes maculirostris 1 video
Grey-flanked Cinclodes   Cinclodes oustaleti 1 video
Stout-billed Cinclodes   Cinclodes excelsior 1 video
Thorn-tailed Rayadito   Aphrastura spinicauda 1 video
Andean Tit-spinetail   Leptasthenura andicola 1 video
Cordilleran Canastero   Asthenes modesta 1 video
Itatiaia Spinetail   Asthenes moreirae 1 video
Rusty-backed Spinetail   Cranioleuca vulpina 1 video
White-lored Spinetail   Synallaxis albilora 1 video
Family Manakins (Pipridae)
Blue-crowned Manakin   Lepidothrix coronata 1 video
Blue Manakin   Chiroxiphia caudata 1 video
Family Cotingas (Cotingidae)
Barred Fruiteater   Pipreola arcuata 1 video
Green-and-black Fruiteater   Pipreola riefferii 2 videos
Chestnut-crested Cotinga   Ampelion rufaxilla 1 video
Family Tityras and allies (Tityridae)
Jamaican Becard   Pachyramphus niger 1 video
Family Tyrant-flycatchers (Tyrannidae)
Southern Antpipit   Corythopis delalandi 1 video
Western Ornate Flycatcher   Myiotriccus ornatus 2 videos
Highland Elaenia   Elaenia obscura 1 video
Olivaceous Elaenia   Elaenia mesoleuca 1 video
Planalto Tyrannulet   Phyllomyias fasciatus 1 video
Ochraceous Attila   Attila torridus 1 video
Great Kiskadee   Pitangus sulphuratus 1 video
Grey-capped Flycatcher   Myiozetetes granadensis 1 video
Loggerhead Kingbird   Tyrannus caudifasciatus 1 video
Brown-crested Flycatcher   Myiarchus tyrannulus 3 videos
Long-tailed Tyrant   Colonia colonus 1 video
Common Vermilion Flycatcher   Pyrocephalus rubinus 1 video
Austral Negrito   Lessonia rufa 1 video
Spectacled Tyrant   Hymenops perspicillatus 1 video
Dark-faced Ground-tyrant   Muscisaxicola maclovianus 1 video
Black Phoebe   Sayornis nigricans 1 video
Say's Phoebe   Sayornis saya 1 video
American Grey Flycatcher   Empidonax wrightii 1 video
Olive-sided Flycatcher   Contopus cooperi 1 video
Jamaican Pewee   Contopus pallidus 1 video
Pileated Flycatcher   Xenotriccus mexicanus 1 video
Family Bowerbirds (Ptilonorhynchidae)
Archbold's Bowerbird   Archboldia papuensis 2 videos
Family Fairy-wrens (Maluridae)
White-shouldered Fairy-wren   Malurus alboscapulatus 1 video
Family Honeyeaters (Meliphagidae)
Helmeted Friarbird   Philemon buceroides 1 video
Tui   Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae 2 videos
Grey-streaked Honeyeater   Ptiloprora perstriata 1 video
Belford's Honeyeater   Melidectes belfordi 2 videos
Family Thornbills (Acanthizidae)
Yellow-throated Scrubwren   Sericornis citreogularis 1 video
Family Logrunners (Orthonychidae)
Chowchilla   Orthonyx spaldingii 1 video
Family Mohouas (Mohouidae)
Pipipi   Mohoua novaeseelandiae 1 video
Family Ploughbill (Eulacestomatidae)
Wattled Ploughbill   Eulacestoma nigropectus 1 video
Family Old World Orioles (Oriolidae)
African Golden Oriole   Oriolus auratus 1 video
Family Australo-Papuan Bellbirds (Oreoicidae)
Rufous-naped Bellbird   Aleadryas rufinucha 1 video
Family Vireos (Vireonidae)
Rufous-browed Peppershrike   Cyclarhis gujanensis 1 video
Hutton's Vireo   Vireo huttoni 1 video
Cassin's Vireo   Vireo cassinii 1 video
Plumbeous Vireo   Vireo plumbeus 1 video
Blue Mountain Vireo   Vireo osburni 4 videos
Family Cuckooshrikes (Campephagidae)
Madagascar Cuckooshrike   Ceblepyris cinereus 1 video
Pied Triller   Lalage nigra 1 video
Family Woodswallows and Butcherbirds (Artamidae)
Black Butcherbird   Melloria quoyi 1 video
Black-backed Butcherbird   Cracticus mentalis 1 video
Great Woodswallow   Artamus maximus 1 video
Family Vangas and allies (Vangidae)
Dark Newtonia   Newtonia amphichroa 2 videos
Red-shouldered Vanga   Calicalicus rufocarpalis 1 video
Madagascar Blue Vanga   Cyanolanius madagascarinus 1 video
Crossley's Vanga   Mystacornis crossleyi 1 video
Hook-billed Vanga   Vanga curvirostris 1 video 1 sound
Rufous Vanga   Schetba rufa 3 videos
Pollen's Vanga   Xenopirostris polleni 1 video
Lafresnaye's Vanga   Xenopirostris xenopirostris 1 video
Sickle-billed Vanga   Falculea palliata 2 videos
White-headed Vanga   Artamella viridis 1 video
White-crested Helmetshrike   Prionops plumatus 1 video
Family Batises and Wattle-eyes (Platysteiridae)
Grey-headed Batis   Batis orientalis 1 video
Pygmy Batis   Batis perkeo 1 video
Chestnut Wattle-eye   Dyaphorophyia castanea 1 video
Family Ioras (Aegithinidae)
Common Iora   Aegithina tiphia 1 video
Family Bush-shrikes (Malaconotidae)
Mountain Sooty Boubou   Laniarius poensis 1 video
Slate-coloured Boubou   Laniarius funebris 1 video
Yellow-crowned Gonolek   Laniarius barbarus 2 videos
Doherty's Bush-shrike   Telophorus dohertyi 1 video
Family Fantails (Rhipiduridae)
Blue-headed Fantail   Rhipidura cyaniceps 1 video
Spotted Fantail   Rhipidura perlata 1 video
Northern Fantail   Rhipidura isura 1 video
White-throated Fantail   Rhipidura albicollis 1 video
Family Drongos (Dicruridae)
Crested Drongo   Dicrurus forficatus 2 videos
Ashy Drongo   Dicrurus leucophaeus 1 video
Family Monarch-flycatchers (Monarchidae)
Oriental Paradise-flycatcher   Terpsiphone affinis 2 videos
Madagascar Paradise-flycatcher   Terpsiphone mutata 3 videos
Red-bellied Paradise-flycatcher   Terpsiphone rufiventer 1 video
Family Shrikes (Laniidae)
Yellow-billed Shrike   Corvinella corvina 1 video
Mountain Shrike   Lanius validirostris 1 video
Mackinnon's Shrike   Lanius mackinnoni 1 video
Loggerhead Shrike   Lanius ludovicianus 1 video
Family Crows and Jays (Corvidae)
Bornean Treepie   Dendrocitta cinerascens 1 video
Ethiopian Bushcrow   Zavattariornis stresemanni 5 videos
Piapiac   Ptilostomus afer 1 video
Thick-billed Raven   Corvus crassirostris 1 video
Pinyon Jay   Gymnorhinus cyanocephalus 3 videos
Western Scrub-jay   Aphelocoma californica 1 video
Steller's Jay   Cyanocitta stelleri 1 video
Green Jay   Cyanocorax yncas 1 video
Purplish-backed Jay   Cyanocorax beecheii 1 video
Family Birds-of-paradise (Paradisaeidae)
King of Saxony Bird-of-paradise   Pteridophora alberti 1 video
Superb Bird-of-paradise   Lophorina superba 1 video
Brown Sicklebill   Epimachus meyeri 3 videos
Ribbon-tailed Astrapia   Astrapia mayeri 2 videos
Raggiana Bird-of-paradise   Paradisaea raggiana 2 videos
Family New Zealand Wattlebirds (Callaeidae)
South Island Saddleback   Philesturnus carunculatus 2 videos
Family Berrypeckers and Longbills (Melanocharitidae)
Yellow-bellied Longbill   Toxorhamphus novaeguineae 1 video
Family Australasian Robins (Petroicidae)
New Zealand Tomtit   Petroica macrocephala 2 videos
North Island Robin   Petroica longipes 1 video
South Island Robin   Petroica australis 1 video
Grey-headed Robin   Heteromyias cinereifrons 1 video
White-winged Robin   Peneothello sigillata 2 videos
Family Tits and Chickadees (Paridae)
Elegant Tit   Pardaliparus elegans 1 video
Oak Titmouse   Baeolophus inornatus 1 video
Chestnut-backed Chickadee   Poecile rufescens 1 video
Family Penduline-tits (Remizidae)
Verdin   Auriparus flaviceps 2 videos
Family Larks (Alaudidae)
Liben Lark   Heteromirafra archeri 2 videos
Flappet Lark   Mirafra rufocinnamomea 2 videos
Dupont's Lark   Chersophilus duponti 1 video
Short-tailed Lark   Spizocorys fremantlii 1 video
Thekla's Lark   Galerida theklae 1 video
Family Cisticolas and allies (Cisticolidae)
Subdesert Jery   Neomixis pallidior 1 video 1 sound
Green-backed Eremomela   Eremomela canescens 2 videos
White-chinned Prinia   Schistolais leucopogon 1 video
Black-throated Apalis   Apalis jacksoni 1 video
Oriole Warbler   Hypergerus atriceps 1 video
Red-faced Cisticola   Cisticola erythrops 1 video
Trilling Cisticola   Cisticola woosnami 1 video
Chubb's Cisticola   Cisticola chubbi 2 videos
Rattling Cisticola   Cisticola chiniana 1 video
Boran Cisticola   Cisticola bodessa 1 video
Ethiopian Cisticola   Cisticola lugubris 1 video
Carruthers's Cisticola   Cisticola carruthersi 1 video
Tabora Cisticola   Cisticola angusticauda 1 video
Yellow-bellied Prinia   Prinia flaviventris 1 video
Tawny-flanked Prinia   Prinia subflava 1 video
Dark-necked Tailorbird   Orthotomus atrogularis 1 video
Family Reed-warblers (Acrocephalidae)
Madagascar Brush-warbler   Nesillas typica 1 video
Subdesert Brush-warbler   Nesillas lantzii 1 video
Lesser Swamp-warbler   Acrocephalus gracilirostris 2 videos
Greater Swamp-warbler   Acrocephalus rufescens 1 video
Madagascar Swamp-warbler   Acrocephalus newtoni 1 video
Family Grasshopper-warblers and Grassbirds (Locustellidae)
Savi's Warbler   Locustella luscinioides 1 video
Benguet Grasshopper-warbler   Locustella seebohmi 1 video
Striated Grassbird   Megalurus palustris 1 video
Cinnamon Bracken-warbler   Bradypterus cinnamomeus 1 video
Papuan Grassbird   Cincloramphus macrurus 1 video
Madagascar Grassbird   Amphilais seebohmi 1 video
Family Donacobius (Donacobiidae)
Donacobius   Donacobius atricapilla 1 video
Family Tetrakas (Bernieridae)
Long-billed Tetraka   Bernieria madagascariensis 1 video
Appert's Tetraka   Xanthomixis apperti 1 video
Cryptic Warbler   Cryptosylvicola randrianasoloi 1 video
Family Swallows and Martins (Hirundinidae)
Lesser Striped Swallow   Cecropis abyssinica 1 video
Barn Swallow   Hirundo rustica 1 video
Mangrove Swallow   Tachycineta albilinea 1 video
Family Bulbuls (Pycnonotidae)
Eastern Mountain Greenbul   Arizelocichla nigriceps 1 video
Hairy-backed Bulbul   Tricholestes criniger 1 video
Finsch's Bulbul   Alophoixus finschii 1 video
Yellow-bellied Bulbul   Alophoixus phaeocephalus 1 video
Philippine Bulbul   Hypsipetes philippinus 1 video
Madagascar Bulbul   Hypsipetes madagascariensis 1 video
Common Bulbul   Pycnonotus barbatus 3 videos
Pale-faced Bulbul   Pycnonotus leucops 1 video
Family Bush-warblers (Scotocercidae)
Mountain Tailorbird   Phyllergates cucullatus 1 video
Aberrant Bush-warbler   Horornis flavolivaceus 1 video
Philippine Bush-warbler   Horornis seebohmi 1 video
Family Old World Warblers and Parrotbills (Sylviidae)
Subalpine Warbler   Sylvia cantillans 1 video
Wrentit   Chamaea fasciata 5 videos
Family White-eyes and Yuhinas (Zosteropidae)
Chestnut-crested Yuhina   Yuhina everetti 1 video
Chestnut-faced Babbler   Zosterornis whiteheadi 1 video
Mountain White-eye   Zosterops montanus 1 video
Family Ground Babblers (Pellorneidae)
Mountain Illadopsis   Illadopsis pyrrhoptera 1 video
Short-tailed Babbler   Trichastoma malaccense 1 video
White-chested Babbler   Trichastoma rostratum 1 video
Striped Wren-babbler   Kenopia striata 1 video
Family Laughingthrushes and allies (Leiotrichidae)
Blackcap Babbler   Turdoides reinwardtii 2 videos
Brown Babbler   Turdoides plebejus 1 video
Sunda Laughingthrush   Garrulax palliatus 1 video
Family Treecreepers (Certhiidae)
American Treecreeper   Certhia americana 1 video
Family Nuthatches (Sittidae)
Pygmy Nuthatch   Sitta pygmaea 2 videos
White-breasted Nuthatch   Sitta carolinensis 2 videos
African Spotted Creeper   Salpornis salvadori 1 video
Family Gnatcatchers (Polioptilidae)
California Gnatcatcher   Polioptila californica 1 video
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher   Polioptila melanura 1 video
Family Wrens (Troglodytidae)
Rock Wren   Salpinctes obsoletus 2 videos
Canyon Wren   Catherpes mexicanus 1 video
House Wren   Troglodytes aedon 4 videos
Grass Wren   Cistothorus platensis 1 video
Marsh Wren   Cistothorus palustris 1 video
Bewick's Wren   Thryomanes bewickii 1 sound
Cactus Wren   Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus 3 videos
Happy Wren   Pheugopedius felix 1 video
Family Dippers (Cinclidae)
American Dipper   Cinclus mexicanus 2 videos
Family Starlings (Sturnidae)
White-billed Starling   Onychognathus albirostris 1 video
Bristle-crowned Starling   Onychognathus salvadorii 1 video
Sharpe's Starling   Pholia sharpii 2 videos
Rüppell's Starling   Lamprotornis purpuroptera 2 videos
Superb Starling   Lamprotornis superbus 2 videos
White-crowned Starling   Lamprotornis albicapillus 1 video
Coleto   Sarcops calvus 1 video
Family Mockingbirds and Thrashers (Mimidae)
Ocellated Thrasher   Toxostoma ocellatum 1 video
California Thrasher   Toxostoma redivivum 1 video
Family Thrushes (Turdidae)
Mountain Bluebird   Sialia currucoides 4 videos
Townsend's Solitaire   Myadestes townsendi 1 video
Rufous-throated Solitaire   Myadestes genibarbis 1 video
Black-faced Solitaire   Myadestes melanops 1 video
Varied Thrush   Ixoreus naevius 1 video
Ruddy-capped Nightingale-thrush   Catharus frantzii 1 video
Slaty-backed Nightingale-thrush   Catharus fuscater 1 video
Ashy Thrush   Geokichla cinerea 2 videos
Abyssinian Ground-thrush   Geokichla piaggiae 1 video
Abyssinian Thrush   Turdus abyssinicus 2 videos
Mountain Thrush   Turdus plebejus 1 video
Pale-breasted Thrush   Turdus leucomelas 1 video
Clay-colored Thrush   Turdus grayi 1 video
White-chinned Thrush   Turdus aurantius 1 video
Island Thrush   Turdus poliocephalus 1 video
Family Old World Flycatchers and Chats (Muscicapidae)
Pelzeln’s Magpie-robin   Copsychus pica 1 video
Swamp Flycatcher   Muscicapa aquatica 1 video
Yellow-eyed Black-flycatcher   Melaenornis ardesiacus 1 video
Northern Black-flycatcher   Melaenornis edolioides 1 video
Turquoise Flycatcher   Eumyias panayensis 1 video
White-browed Robin-chat   Cossypha heuglini 1 video
White-crowned Robin-chat   Cossypha albicapillus 1 video
Spotted Palm-thrush   Cichladusa guttata 1 video
Eyebrowed Jungle-flycatcher   Vauriella gularis 1 video
Snowy-browed Flycatcher   Ficedula hyperythra 1 video
Littoral Rock-thrush   Monticola imerina 1 video
Forest Rock-thrush   Monticola sharpei 2 videos
White-winged Cliff-chat   Monticola semirufus 1 video
Moorland Chat   Pinarochroa sordida 2 videos
Rusty-breasted Wheatear   Oenanthe frenata 1 video
Family Kinglets and Firecrests (Regulidae)
Golden-crowned Kinglet   Regulus satrapa 2 videos
Family Waxwings (Bombycillidae)
Cedar Waxwing   Bombycilla cedrorum 1 video
Family Silky-flycatchers (Ptiliogonidae)
Phainopepla   Phainopepla nitens 1 video
Grey Silky-flycatcher   Ptiliogonys cinereus 1 video
Family Flowerpeckers (Dicaeidae)
Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker   Prionochilus xanthopygius 2 videos
Yellow-crowned Flowerpecker   Dicaeum anthonyi 1 video
Black-sided Flowerpecker   Dicaeum monticolum 1 video
Family Sunbirds (Nectariniidae)
Thick-billed Spiderhunter   Arachnothera crassirostris 1 video
Little Spiderhunter   Arachnothera longirostra 1 video
Streaky-breasted Spiderhunter   Arachnothera affinis 1 video
Nile Valley Sunbird   Hedydipna metallica 1 video
Regal Sunbird   Cinnyris regius 1 video
Beautiful Sunbird   Cinnyris pulchellus 1 video
Black-bellied Sunbird   Cinnyris nectarinioides 1 video
Splendid Sunbird   Cinnyris coccinigastrus 1 video
Variable Sunbird   Cinnyris venustus 1 video
Souimanga Sunbird   Cinnyris sovimanga 2 videos
Metallic-winged Sunbird   Aethopyga pulcherrima 1 video
Family Weavers (Ploceidae)
Speckle-fronted Weaver   Sporopipes frontalis 1 video
Black-capped Social-weaver   Pseudonigrita cabanisi 1 video
Spectacled Weaver   Ploceus ocularis 1 video
Rüppell's Weaver   Ploceus galbula 1 video
Speke's Weaver   Ploceus spekei 1 video
Village Weaver   Ploceus cucullatus 2 videos
Vieillot's Black Weaver   Ploceus nigerrimus 1 video
Juba Weaver   Ploceus dichrocephalus 2 videos
Nelicourvi Weaver   Ploceus nelicourvi 1 video
Sakalava Weaver   Ploceus sakalava 1 video
Family Waxbills (Estrildidae)
Orange-cheeked Waxbill   Estrilda melpoda 1 video
Common Waxbill   Estrilda astrild 1 video
Black-crowned Waxbill   Estrilda nonnula 1 video
Black-cheeked Waxbill   Estrilda charmosyna 1 video
Yellow-bellied Waxbill   Coccopygia quartinia 1 video
Jameson's Antpecker   Parmoptila jamesoni 1 video
Black-and-white Mannikin   Spermestes bicolor 1 video
African Silverbill   Euodice cantans 1 video
Chestnut Munia   Lonchura atricapilla 1 video
Hooded Mannikin   Lonchura spectabilis 1 video
Red-browed Finch   Neochmia temporalis 1 video
Family Whydahs and Indigobirds (Viduidae)
Straw-tailed Whydah   Vidua fischeri 1 video
Family Old World Sparrows (Passeridae)
White Nile Sparrow   Passer shelleyi 1 video
Sahel Bush-sparrow   Gymnoris dentata 1 video
Yellow-spotted Bush-sparrow   Gymnoris pyrgita 1 video
Family Pipits and Wagtails (Motacillidae)
Plain-backed Pipit   Anthus leucophrys 1 video
Long-billed Pipit   Anthus similis 1 video
Madagascar Wagtail   Motacilla flaviventris 1 video
Mountain Wagtail   Motacilla clara 2 videos
Cape Wagtail   Motacilla capensis 1 video
African Pied Wagtail   Motacilla aguimp 1 video
Family Finches (Fringillidae)
Blue-naped Chlorophonia   Chlorophonia cyanea 2 videos
Violaceous Euphonia   Euphonia violacea 1 video
Chestnut-bellied Euphonia   Euphonia pectoralis 1 video
White-cheeked Bullfinch   Pyrrhula leucogenis 2 videos
House Finch   Haemorhous mexicanus 1 video
Cassin's Finch   Haemorhous cassinii 1 video
Purple Finch   Haemorhous purpureus 1 video
Abyssinian Citril   Crithagra citrinelloides 3 videos
Salvadori's Seedeater   Crithagra xantholaema 1 video
Ankober Serin   Crithagra ankoberensis 1 video
Streaky Seedeater   Crithagra striolata 1 video
Red Crossbill   Loxia curvirostra 1 video
European Goldfinch   Carduelis carduelis 1 video
Pine Siskin   Spinus pinus 4 videos
American Goldfinch   Spinus tristis 1 video
Family Old World Buntings (Emberizidae)
Golden-breasted Bunting   Emberiza flaviventris 1 video
Somali Bunting   Emberiza poliopleura 1 video
Family New World Sparrows (Passerellidae)
Chipping Sparrow   Spizella passerina 2 videos
Black-chinned Sparrow   Spizella atrogularis 1 video 1 sound
Black-throated Sparrow   Amphispiza bilineata 1 video
Collared Towhee   Pipilo ocai 1 video
Spotted Towhee   Pipilo maculatus 2 videos
Rufous-capped Brush-finch   Atlapetes pileatus 1 video
Yellow-breasted Brush-finch   Atlapetes latinuchus 1 video
Abert's Towhee   Melozone aberti 2 videos
Rufous-crowned Sparrow   Aimophila ruficeps 3 videos
Dark-eyed Junco   Junco hyemalis 2 videos
Rufous-collared Sparrow   Zonotrichia capensis 3 videos
Harris's Sparrow   Zonotrichia querula 1 video 1 sound
White-throated Sparrow   Zonotrichia albicollis 2 videos
White-crowned Sparrow   Zonotrichia leucophrys 1 video
Golden-crowned Sparrow   Zonotrichia atricapilla 1 video
Bell's Sparrow   Artemisiospiza belli 1 video
Vesper Sparrow   Pooecetes gramineus 2 videos
Belding's Sparrow   Passerculus guttatus 2 videos
Large-billed Sparrow   Passerculus rostratus 1 video
Swamp Sparrow   Melospiza georgiana 1 video
Family New World Blackbirds (Icteridae)
Long-tailed Meadowlark   Leistes loyca 1 video
Solitary Cacique   Cacicus solitarius 1 video
Scott's Oriole   Icterus parisorum 4 videos 1 sound
Yellow-backed Oriole   Icterus chrysater 1 video
Bullock's Oriole   Icterus bullockiorum 1 video
Yellow-tailed Oriole   Icterus mesomelas 1 video
Hooded Oriole   Icterus cucullatus 1 video
Orchard Oriole   Icterus spurius 1 video
Bronzed Cowbird   Molothrus aeneus 1 video
Rusty Blackbird   Euphagus carolinus 1 video
Yellow-rumped Marshbird   Pseudoleistes guirahuro 1 video
Family New World Warblers (Parulidae)
American Yellow Warbler   Setophaga petechia 2 videos
Audubon's Warbler   Setophaga auduboni 1 video
Grace's Warbler   Setophaga graciae 1 video
Townsend's Warbler   Setophaga townsendi 1 video
Hermit Warbler   Setophaga occidentalis 1 video
Buff-rumped Warbler   Myiothlypis fulvicauda 1 video
Rufous-capped Warbler   Basileuterus rufifrons 1 video
Golden-browed Warbler   Basileuterus belli 1 video
Painted Whitestart   Myioborus pictus 2 videos
Family Spindalises (Spindalidae)
Jamaican Spindalis   Spindalis nigricephala 2 videos
Family Cardinals (Cardinalidae)
Black-headed Grosbeak   Pheucticus melanocephalus 1 video
Yellow-lored Tanager   Habia frenata 2 videos
Red-headed Tanager   Piranga erythrocephala 1 video
Summer Tanager   Piranga rubra 1 video
Western Tanager   Piranga ludoviciana 1 video
Hepatic Tanager   Piranga hepatica 1 video
Family Tanagers (Thraupidae)
Green Honeycreeper   Chlorophanes spiza 1 video
Amazonian Grey Saltator   Saltator coerulescens 1 video
Yellow-shouldered Grassquit   Loxipasser anoxanthus 1 video
Black-goggled Tanager   Trichothraupis melanops 1 video
Ruby-crowned Tanager   Tachyphonus coronatus 1 video
Brazilian Tanager   Ramphocelus bresilius 1 video
Saffron Finch   Sicalis flaveola 1 video
Grey-hooded Sierra-finch   Phrygilus gayi 1 video
Patagonian Sierra-finch   Phrygilus patagonicus 2 videos
Yellow-bridled Finch   Melanodera xanthogramma 1 video
Streaked Dacnis   Xenodacnis petersi 1 video
Plain-colored Seedeater   Catamenia inornata 1 video
White-banded Tanager   Neothraupis fasciata 1 video
Diademed Tanager   Stephanophorus diadematus 1 video
Cinnamon Tanager   Schistochlamys ruficapillus 1 video
Sayaca Tanager   Tangara sayaca 1 video
Golden-chevroned Tanager   Tangara ornata 1 video
Stripe-bellied Tanager   Tangara flava 1 video
Green-headed Tanager   Tangara seledon 2 videos
Red-necked Tanager   Tangara cyanocephala 1 video

787 species
Species with videos: 786
Species with sound recordings: 12