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Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Australia Melbourne
During 1997-2002 worked for BirdLife International (Indonesia Programme) on conservation assessments on Flores, Sumbawa and West Timor; later East Timor which sparked an interest in that side of Timor. Have visited more than 30 islands in eastern Indonesia (Lesser Sundas/Banda Sea), surveying a wide range of fauna, particularly birds. Recent field work has been on Alor, Pantar, Semau, West Timor, East Timor, Wetar, and several Banda Sea islands of Babar, Romang, Sermata, Leti and Kisar. In Timor-Leste work has included a PhD thesis which looked at the impact of land-use and environmental variation on fauna, especially forest specialised birds. I have also published a field guide to the birds of Timor-Leste and a national conservation site priority guide: Important Bird Areas directory. I also review accounts of the conservation status of Timor Islands birds for the IUCN & BirdLife International and have managed Flora and Fauna components of Environmental Impact Assessments.

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