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Mikko Pyhälä

Mariankatu 15 B, FI 00170 Helsinki, Finland

Mikko was born in Finland in 1945 and was working in the diplomatic service of his country in Europe, Asia (based in New Delhi and Islamabad) and South America (based in Mexico, Lima and Caracas). He also worked for UNEP based in Nairobi. He was living in Caracas from 2006 to 2011, also covering many Caribbean countries until 2013. He is the author, with Jukka Salo, of an award winning book "Amazonia". He is Dr. h.c. of the National Amazonian University of Peru in Iquitos and Honorary Professor of the National University of Piura and Continental University of Huancayo, both in Peru. Resides in Helsinki, Finland.

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