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Sebastián Saiter

Sebastian is a Punta Arenas-born naturalist and birder. Since childhood years he showed a passion for discovering Nature and exploring the imposing landscapes of Chilean Patagonia. Consequently he studied Adventure Tourism, becoming involved in the topic and studying about the flora & fauna of one of the last pristine places in the world. Sebastián has a particular interest on the natural history of the birds in Patagonia, patagonian endemics and wildlife photography, having become a specialist in the Avian life of Patagonia and collaborating with bird pictures in a number of conservation and birwatching publications. He is an active member of NGO Agrupacion Ecologica Patagonica in Punta Arenas, involved in projects to protect wetlands, urban parks and other interesting sites and reserves in the city. It is through this entity that he works on environmental education projects with children, in both private and public schools in the area.

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