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 Oswaldo was born in 1988 in Bogotá, he has a graduate degree in Biology and he's actually studying a Master's degree in Biology (Universidad Nacional).

He has been steadily working on the conservation and research of the endangered Colombian endemics of the Eastern Andes. His special focus is in the region of Soatá municipality, where he has helped to jointly establish a reserve with the local community.

In 2005 Oswaldo undertook a series of long trips throughout the various major biomes of Colombia ( Caribe, Santa Martha area, Eastern Andes, Western Andes, Central Andes, Choco, llanos and Magdalena Valley) with the objective of learning the tremendous variety of different birds, their voices and their unique habitats (You can to see the songs in xeno canto

I am always avidly birding all over Colombia, that is, when he is not researching, recording bird sounds, preparing papers about bird rediscoveries, or attending scientific meetings (which he of course takes advantage of to do more birding, as he’s done in Brazil, the US, and South Africa).


Oswaldo has designed and led birding, natural and cultural history tours in the Eastern Andes, Bogotá area and the llanos.

Connect with him on the web to find about custom birding tours.

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Ornitologo joven de Colombia, interesado en el área de las vocalizaciones de Icteridos y colibríes, mis especies focales de interés son:
Chestnut Bellied Hummingbird, Niceforos Wrens, Mountain Grackle, Rusty faced Parrot and Black Inca hummingbird
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