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Species list by Maxcobigo

This page displays a list of species that have been recorded, either in video, photo or audio by the contributor.
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29 species
Species with photographs: 29

Common nameScientific nameVideosPhotosSounds
Family Tinamous (Tinamidae)
Variegated Tinamou   Crypturellus variegatus 2 photos
Family Hummingbirds (Trochilidae)
Straight-billed Hermit   Phaethornis bourcieri 1 photo
Black-eared Fairy   Heliothryx auritus 2 photos
Family Rails, Gallinules, Coots (Rallidae)
Azure Gallinule   Porphyrio flavirostris 1 photo
Family Hawks, Eagles (Accipitridae)
Crested Eagle   Morphnus guianensis 1 photo
Family Woodpeckers (Picidae)
Golden-spangled Piculet   Picumnus exilis 1 photo
Red-necked Woodpecker   Campephilus rubricollis 1 photo
Cream-colored Woodpecker   Celeus flavus 1 photo
Chestnut Woodpecker   Celeus elegans 1 photo
Little Woodpecker   Veniliornis passerinus 2 photos
Family Typical Antbirds (Thamnophilidae)
Dusky-throated Antshrike   Thamnomanes ardesiacus 1 photo
Guianan Antwarbler   Hypocnemis cantator 1 photo
Rufous-throated Antbird   Gymnopithys rufigula 1 photo
Ferruginous-backed Antbird   Myrmoderus ferrugineus 1 photo
Family Ovenbirds (Furnariidae)
Short-billed Leaftosser   Sclerurus rufigularis 1 photo
Black-tailed Leaftosser   Sclerurus caudacutus 1 photo
Plain Xenops   Xenops genibarbis 1 photo
Rufous-rumped Foliage-gleaner   Philydor erythrocercum 1 photo
Plain-crowned Spinetail   Synallaxis gujanensis 1 photo
Family Manakins (Pipridae)
White-fronted Manakin   Lepidothrix serena 1 photo
White-throated Manakin   Corapipo gutturalis 1 photo
Family Cotingas (Cotingidae)
Screaming Piha   Lipaugus vociferans 1 photo
Family Tityras and allies (Tityridae)
Cinereous Becard   Pachyramphus rufus 1 photo
Family Tyrant-flycatchers (Tyrannidae)
Spotted Tody-flycatcher   Todirostrum maculatum 1 photo
Yellow-crowned Elaenia   Myiopagis flavivertex 1 photo
Family Wrens (Troglodytidae)
Coraya Wren   Pheugopedius coraya 1 photo
Musician Wren   Cyphorhinus arada 1 photo
Family Pipits and Wagtails (Motacillidae)
Yellowish Pipit   Anthus lutescens 1 photo
Family New World Blackbirds (Icteridae)
Moriche Oriole   Icterus chrysocephalus 1 photo

29 species
Species with photographs: 29