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After a short stint (two years) working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a photogrammetrist Tom decided to splash-out and buy the Canon EX1 Hi8. At the time this was the 'state-of-the-art' semi-professional analogue Video-Camera, the only one that could utilize 'interchangeable' lenses as with SLR cameras.

During the next 25 years this and improved equipment was used to film and photograph birds and wildlife in Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, Switzerland, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, India, China, Bhutan, Singapore, Fiji, New Zealand and of course Queensland, Australia where I am resident.

Currently using a Canon EOS 7D mk2 with reasonable results.

I was involved in the creation of the Oriental Bird Club Image Database (see www.orientalbirdimages.org)

Have also become involved in wildlife-acoustic analysis with QUT in Brisbane (see http://www.ecosounds.org/)

Interested in Cuckoos of the World? See my Flickr and Facebook pages

Please also visit my main website.


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