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As a scientist I want to give proofs (movies) that the animals speak.
Speech is the voluntary emission of signals to influence the imagination and the will of those who receive them.
We don't have to teach how to speak to animals because they already speak, we just have to learn how they speak. We have to listen, to try to understand what they say, to talk to them and to try to understand how they understand us. We must understand their language from their point of view, not ours.   
Animals speak as we do, with their emotions, which are universal, or almost universal, in the animal world, and with their whole body. Dance is the universal language, not only for human beings, but also for all animals.
Speech between individuals of different species is widespread in the animal world, but human beings most often don't know it. Animals know that they can talk with all other animals, except with most human beings, who are too ignorant, and deaf to the universal language, to participate in this feast.

A theory of mind and speech : Précis of epistemology, chapters 6-10

An unfinished book of movies : The animals speak

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