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I have always been a nature lover since childhood and had a passion for photography . The first camera I got my hands on was the hot shot which was gifted to me by my sister when I was 12 . since then I have been taking landscape, scenes Ect. Earlier it was a expensive hobby as we did not have any digital cameras in the year 90 to 2000. So every click counts . So I had to wait for long to get my hands on a digital SLR . Finally in the year 2005 I got a brand new Canon 350 d Digital SLR. IN 2005 I got an opportunity to join some professional photographers for a trip to Leh-Ladakh through a photography magazine. After this trip I started getting the hang of an SLR and started thinking more seriously about photography. But to photograph birds I needed a expensive zoom lens to capture birds more closely so finally got a Canon 100-400 MM IS USM Lens in the year 2006 and later started photographing birds. I was also inspired by Mr. Niranjan sant of belgaum who is a well known bird /wildlife photographer in India. He is a good friend of mine and I always take his advice while choosing my equipment . You can view his captures here http://www.indianaturewatch.net/view_cat.php?tag=Niranjan%20Sant . I haven’t taken any training for photography . I have learn't photography with experience only . I always use to fiddle with my uncle’s Canonet a pretty old camera (Now it must be a collectors item) . I learn't a lot of things about the camera like the Shutter mechanism and its speeds, The aperture settings, etc. and basically how the camera works . Earlier when I just started photographing birds I never knew the names of birds other than sparrows and crows. So I used to mail all my bird pictures to a friend of mine, he used to identify the birds for me . Later I found a very good book on birds “Birds of the Indian subcontinent” By Richard Grimmett. It has covered more than 1300 species found in the Indian subcontinent. Now I always carry and refer this book for birds. We have a family owned business . It is a cast iron foundry and machine shop By the name “The Allied Founders Pvt Ltd “ established in the year 1968 . My father Mr. Ramanand .R . Mallya is the chairman and the managing director of the company. It is one of the oldest foundries in belgaum. We manufacture all types of industrial cast iron and ductile iron machined components . For further details visit www.alliedfoundersindia.com I started knowing the birds only after getting close to them with photography . As and when we started spending more and more time looking for different birds in and around Belgaum India you will automatically fall in love with birds. Its like a human relationship once you know a person very well and get close to him you start liking him. Regard Ram Mallya 91-9448111517

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