Institutional Subscription information

HBW Alive institutional subscription entitles members of that institution to have full access to the site. HBW Alive uses IP-address access control for institutional subscribers to access the site. Pricing depends on the number of concurrent connections. For more information, download the License Agreement.


Pricing depends on the number of concurrent connections and subscription duration.

Type of Institution


List Price

Universities, Public Libraries, Natural Science Museums,
Zoos & Other Institutions


375.00 €


590.00 €


860.00 €

IP address information

HBW Alive will accept up to ten (10) IP addresses and/or ranges (see below for further details). Access to HBW Alive from your institution’s Authorised Site(s) will be provided based on the IP addresses and/or ranges you provide. .

Which IP addresses/ranges are accepted?

Each computer that accesses the Internet is assigned an IP address, commonly represented as four number groups separated by dots (e.g., All computers on a local area network, or subnet, may have the first two or three number groups in common

HBW Alive will accept up to ten IP addresses and/or ranges (Class B, Class C, and single station). Note that Class B requests will be subject to additional review.
All information provided regarding your IP addresses will be verified.

Your IP addresses and/or ranges should be in the following formats:

  • Class B Network: Enter the first two (network) numbers and use asterisks for the host addresses, i.e., 128.58.*.*
  • Class C Network: Type the first three (network) numbers and an asterisk for the host addresses, i.e., 192.58.150.* (ranges are acceptable; type 192.58.150.* - 192.58.152.* to indicate Class C ranges)
  • Single Station(s): Type all four numbers, i.e., (ranges are acceptable; type - to indicate ranges of single stations)

How to subscribe

Please contact Lynx Edicions for more information and to confirm pricing.

Contact details:
Elisa Badia
Telephone: +34 93 594 77 10


Subscribers will be contacted via email by a customer services representative some time before your subscription is due to expire. Prices and terms and conditions are subject to change upon renewal.

About HBW Alive

HBW Alive is the most comprehensive online source of information for all the birds of the world. It contains the contents of the acclaimed 17-volume Handbook of the Birds of the World –HBW– series (all species accounts, family texts, plates, maps and bibliographical references). It also includes thousands of videos, photographs and sounds conveniently linked for quick and easy access, as well as a comprehensive bibliography allowing the tracking of references to their source if available on the Internet. Contents are constantly updated by a team of professional editors.