Add markers in your Birdlists!

9 Oct 2017 - 16:56 -- Arnau Bonan

For subscribers using My Birding, remember that for each of your Birdlists you can place a marker on the world map, which will georeference it. Although this is optional, we highly recommend doing so as it has several advantages:

  • On My Birdlists page, the map will show all of the locations of your Birdlists.
  • In your Trip Reports, the map will display the locations of all the places you have gone birding.
  • The bird sightings in your Birdlists with map markers will increase the data for the Contributions map of the relevant species accounts, enriching the information for the HBW Alive community.

To make it easier to add markers, on My Birdlists page there is a new column where the Birdlists that have map markers are indicated so you can easily detect the ones that do not have markers. Also, now when you create a new Birdlist, when you start to type the name of the place, a drop-down menu will appear if it fits with an existing place name. By choosing an existing place, the corresponding marker will automatically be added to the map. This way all of your Birdlists for the same place will have exactly the same location, which you only have to indicate the first time.