Extinct Birds

8 Nov 2017 - 12:29 -- Arnau Bonan

Paraphrasing Errol Fuller’s Foreword on Extinct Birds in HBW Volume 7, “The subject of recent extinctions is one that seems, increasingly, to be a part of popular culture.” Knowing that ornithologists and bird enthusiasts have a great interest in extinct birds, we have included 157 species accounts of extinct bird species in HBW Alive!

Each species account includes Taxonomy and Distribution (or Subspecies and Distribution) sections and a map of its former distribution. There is also an illustration for all of the species for which there exists a complete specimen or sufficient other information to be illustrated with a good degree of accuracy. Additional notes are included about the circumstances and timing of the extinction of each species.

To get to the list of the 157 extinct species, select the “Species” tab and then “Extinct” from the main menu. As you can see, the “Conservation status” box has “Extinct” pre-selected. Alternatively, you can select more than one conservation status, and also you can choose a specific family that interests you.

You can also get to all of the extinct species through the “Species Search” page, by selecting “Extinct” in the “Conservation status” box.

Furthermore, in family accounts for families with extinct species, the “CONSERVATION STATUS” block located in the side-bar also has links to the list of extinct species of that family.