First Country Reports

Below you will find all of the First Country Reports posted on HBW Alive. You can order them by post date or title.

Himalayan Forest Thrush in Thailand

19 Apr 2018 - 12:20 -- José Luis Copete

Himalayan Forest Thrush (Zoothera salimalii), one photographed on 16 April 2018 at Doi Lang would be the first record for Thailand if accepted, and the first one in the wild away of the breeding known range.

Jouanin's Petrel in the United States

12 Apr 2018 - 10:18 -- José Luis Copete

Jouanin's Petrel (Bulweria fallax), one observed and photographed on 12 September 2015 off Monterey, California, has been recently accepted as the first record for mainland United States (message by Debra Shearwater to the Seabird News Google Group, 12 April 2017) and North America. There are at least 4 previous records on Hawaii.

Wood Duck in Morocco

10 Apr 2018 - 08:50 -- José Luis Copete

Wood Duck (Aix sponsa), a female photographed on 8 April 2018 near Salé would be the first record for Morocco if accepted as a wild bird.

Red-crested Finch in Colombia

3 Apr 2018 - 16:09 -- José Luis Copete

Red-crested Finch (Coryphospingus cucullatus), one photographed at least from 25 March 2018 near Mocoa, Putumayo, is the first record for Colombia.

Indian Paradise-flycatcher in Singapore

26 Mar 2018 - 16:41 -- José Luis Copete

Indian Paradise-flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi), one photographed on 2 December 2017-25 March 2018 would be the first record for Singapore and south-east Asia.

Canada Goose in China

26 Mar 2018 - 15:03 -- José Luis Copete

Canada Goose (Branta canadensis), 4 birds photographed on 21 December 2014 at Yongdingxin River Bridge, Xiditou, Ninghe, Tianjin, is the first record for China.