HBW Alive Ornithological Notes

7 Apr 2015 - 15:47 -- Arnau Bonan

HBW Alive Ornithological Notes are an important feature whose main goal is to provide an easy way for users to create notes about their relevant bird observations to help improve ornithological knowledge. With the support of the HBW Alive editors, even non-scientific birders can create valuable notes that can enrich the information in the species accounts.

For example, on a trip to Hatutu Island, Josep del Hoyo observed Marquesas Ground-Dove (Alopecoenas rubescens) feeding on ants. The feeding ecology of this species is poorly known and few data have been published; there were not any previous observations of it feeding on invertebrates. Josep submitted an Ornithological Note about this observation, Marquesas Ground-Dove feeding on ants, with a short introduction and an explanation of the observed feeding behaviour. Thanks to this Ornithological Note, the “Food and feeding” section of the Marquesas Ground-Dove has been improved and a link to this Ornithological Note has been added.

In another example, Gerard Rolin, a French birdwatcher, on 11th November 2014 counted a total of 206,000 Common Cranes (Grus grus) in Der–Chantecoq lake, in Champagne-Ardenne, France. This remarkable observation probably represents about half of the global population of the species. Gerard submitted an Ornithological Note about this observation and with the support of the HBW Alive editors the Ornithological Note, Record count of Common Cranes at Der–Chantecoq lake, France, was uploaded to HBW Alive. This relevant information was useful to improve the “Status and conservation” section of the Common Crane and now all HBW Alive users have access to this information!

We encourage you all to create Ornithological Notes from your remarkable bird observations and, thus, help to increase all of our knowledge of birds!