Mega Targets

4 Sep 2017 - 17:08 -- Arnau Bonan

My Birding is a bird-sighting recording system for Supporting members where, once you have introduced your birdlists, you can easily identify the species that you have not seen: your target species. But, within one’s target species, most birders are especially interested in some particular bird families and/or charismatic species, which may influence their future birding trips. Keeping this in mind, we have added to HBW Alive the concept of Mega Targets: those species of highest priority for you to see, according to your own personal criteria. The species that you mark as Mega Targets will be computed and highlighted in your Global stats and Targets stats pages, helping you to better define countries with the most interesting species for you.

But, how do I mark a species as a Mega Target? In the new Mega Target page you can easily mark these species by clicking on the icon.

To facilitate this task, you can filter the list by the family, genus or species that interests you, and you can also filter by territory, so that only the species present there will be displayed.

Once you have marked the Mega Targets of a specific family, you can click on “Mark family as processed” on the right-hand side. Once you have processed some families, in the main block of filters you can choose “Yes” or “No” from the drop-down menu “Family is processed” if you want to see those families in your management list or not.

If you want to mark ALL of the species of a family, just go to that family’s page and click on the “mega target” icon, which will mark all of the species.

While you are navigating HBW Alive, you can also mark any species by clicking on the “mega target” icon at the top of its species page.

Since you can customize the Mega Targets page with so many filters, it is simple to keep your Mega Targets up-to-date. And the system itself even lends you a hand... When you’ve seen a species and enter it in a birdlist, it will automatically alert you. All of this works together to help you decide where to venture next in order to have the best chances of achieving your most special targets!