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Montane birds are declining in Europe

29 Jan 2019 - 16:03 -- José Luis Copete

An international team of authors has compiled an initial account of the population trends of 44 bird species from four major European mountain regions: Fennoscandian, UK upland, south‐western (Iberia) and south‐central (Alps), covering 12 countries. Overall, the upland bird species declined significantly (−7%) during 2002–2014, a similar rate to that affecting European common birds during the same period. Montane specialists showed a significant population decline of −10% #R. Alpine habitats are highly vulnerable to climate change, which is certainly one of the main drivers of mountain bird population trends. However, observed declines can also be partly linked to local changes in land use.

2.1 billion birds cross the Gulf of Mexico during spring migration

14 Jan 2019 - 10:44 -- José Luis Copete

A new study combining data from the citizen science platfom eBird and 11 radar stations used during 21 years of surveillance (1995−2015), estimated an average 2.1 billion birds pass through the Gulf of Mexico in just 18 days, between 19 April and 7 May#R. The timing of peak spring migration was consistent over 20 years along the 1680-mile coastline. However, they found that the earliest seasonal movements through the region occurred significantly earlier over time (1.6 days per decade). Additionally, body mass and migration distance explained the magnitude of phenological changes, with the most rapid advances occurring with an assemblage of larger‐bodied shorter‐distance migrants.

A new Leaf-warbler from Rote Island, Indonesia

23 Oct 2018 - 11:07 -- José Luis Copete

A joint research team from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Indonesian Institute of Science has described an unusual new songbird species. The bird was named the Rote Leaf-warbler Phylloscopus rotiensis after the island of Rote where it is found. The discovery was published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports on 23 October 2018.