Species Comparison Tool

20 Mar 2018 - 12:20 -- Arnau Bonan

HBW Alive provides many great tools, some of which allow you dive deeper into the information coming from the HBW series and the updates incorporated in recent years in HBW Alive. One such tool is the Species Comparison functionality, which allows you to easily compare two or more species accounts.

Here’s how it works…

First, go to the accounts of two or more species that interest you and, in each, click on the “compare” icon below the scientific name.

Then, scroll down and in the Species Comparison box in the right-hand sidebar you will find all of the species you selected, with a Remove icon that allows you to remove species from the comparison list.

Click the Compare button to open a new window with the species accounts of the selected species arranged in side-by-side columns. With this layout, the same sections from the different species are next to each other, so you can easily compare, for example, the distribution map of each species:

Their Descriptive notes:

Or their Status and conservation:

This tool can be really useful when planning trips and birding abroad, as it offers the opportunity to compare species that may be new to you.