Your species-specific Birdlist map is here!

21 Jun 2018 - 12:03 -- Arnau Bonan
A few months back we explained to you the importance of adding markers to your Birdlists, which georeferences your data, and some of the advantages this has.
Now there is a new advantage in the form of a powerful filter. On the My Birdlists page you can type in the name of any species that you have seen and a map will be displayed with all of the markers of the Birdlists where you have seen that specific species.
In the “Recorded species” box, just type in the English or scientific name of the species you are interested in and click “Apply”.
Automatically, all of your bird sightings of the chosen species will be displayed on the map.
As you can see in the image above, when bird sightings are very close together they are clustered in dots of different sizes and colours, depending on the number of sightings, and the number of sightings is also shown. If you zoom in on a cluster location, the markers with the bird sightings appear. When you click on a marker, the name and a link to the Birdlist is shown, so you can easily access the Birdlists in which you have seen the species!
As only the Birdlists that are georeferenced are shown on the map, we encourage you to add map markers to your Birdlists!