Family Batises and Wattle-eyes (Platysteiridae)

Least Concern

Forest Batis (Batis mixta)


French: Pririt à queue courte German: Kurzschwanzschnäpper Spanish: Batis colicorto
Other common names: Short-tailed Batis

Pachyprora mixta


, 1889,

Mount Kilimanjaro, 6000–7000 feet [c. 1830–2130 m], Tanzania


Until very recently included B. crypta (which see) as part of nominate race; was sometimes also considered to include B. reichenowi as a race#R. Race ultima has in past been included in B. fratrum; it is weakly differentiated morphologically from nominate, with which it has been synonymized by some authors#R, but the two taxa appear to differ vocally#R. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution
  • B. m. mixta (Shelley, 1889) – NE Tanzania from Mt Kilimanjaro and Arusha National Park, and L Manyara, S to Nguru Mts (including Amani, Mt Kanga, Usambara Mts, Vumari); possibly also Taveta, in SE Kenya.
  • B. m. ultima Lawson, 1962 – coast of SE Kenya (Ganda, Rabai, Shimba Hills, Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, Shimoni).
  • Descriptive notes

    9·5–10 cm; 10·5–14·2 g. Very small flycatcher-like and shrike-like bird with contrasting black, grey and white (and some rufous) colours, short tail. Male... read more


    Vocal repertoire incompletely understood; single low whistle and hollow piping with ringing... read more


    Forest, also thickets and woodland; in Tanzania, found in juniper (Juniperus) forest in W... read more

    Food and feeding

    Diet insects; termites (Isoptera) recorded. Forages at all levels in trees.


    Season imperfectly known; oviduct egg in May in Kenya (Sokoke Forest), apparently Apr elsewhere. Territorial. Fledging period c. 15 days.... read more


    Resident, with some evidence of seasonal altitudinal migration; outside breeding season found also... read more

    Status and conservation

    Not globally threatened. Within its range in highlands of Tanzania, nominate race inhabits virtually every patch of evergreen forest, often in high abundance; is generally... read more