Families overview for this order

  • Large raptorial birds with hooked bill, long stork-like legs, loose crest of long feathers and long central tail feathers.
  • Afrotropical Region.
  • Woodland, savanna and steppe.
  • Large piscivorous birds of prey, with reversible outer toe and spiny foot pads to help grasp slippery prey.
  • Cosmopolitan.
  • Shallow waters, both inland and marine.
  • Small to large diurnal birds of prey, with hooked bill and fleshy cere, powerful legs and feet, sharp, curved claws, and often broad wings; keen vision.
  • All regions except Antarctic; almost all zones support numerous species, but only one occurs in N Arctic.
  • All habitats, from forests to wetlands, sub-deserts, tundra, high mountains and urban areas.