Families overview for this order

Treatment of this family here is based largely on findings of recent comprehensive molecular phylogenetic analysis#R#R.

  • Medium-sized to very large birds with long, curved bill surmounted by hollow casque; broad, rounded wings and long tail.
  • Afrotropical and Oriental; marginal in Australasian.
  • Mainly forest; also woodland and savanna.
  • Medium-sized birds with long, thin, decurved bill, prominent erectile crest, broad rounded wings, and short but powerful legs.
  • Palearctic, Afrotropical and Oriental Regions.
  • Open country with patches of bare earth or short grass; needs trees, walls or buildings with cavities.
  • Medium-sized arboreal birds, generally black, often iridescent, with or without white in wings and tail; bill forceps-like, usually decurved, specialized for obtaining arthropod prey in fissures and cracks in tree bark.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Wooded habitats, from tropical lowland rainforest to arid bush country.