Families overview for this order

  • Medium-sized, brightly coloured birds, with long, decurved bill, medium to long wings, short legs and many with tail-streamers.
  • Old World.
  • Open areas, forest edge and clearings, in warm climates.
  • Medium-sized, brightly coloured birds with short, hook-tipped bill, short legs, medium-length wings, and sometimes long tail-streamers.
  • Old World.
  • Open woodland, savanna woodland, forest edge, some species in lowland rainforest or at its margins; in warm climes.
  • Medium-sized terrestrial birds with full tail, short wings, and stout bill and legs.
  • Madagascar.
  • Tropical and subtropical rainforest and sub-arid thorn-scrub.
  • Small, rather plump kingfisher-like birds with long red bill, red gorget, and shining green dorsal plumage.
  • Greater Antilles.
  • Tropical forest and woodland, both primary and secondary.
  • Medium-sized arboreal birds, with more or less broad, flattened bill, short, rounded wings and short legs; most with racquet-tipped tail.
  • Neotropical.
  • Tropical and subtropical forest and woodland; some species also in semi-open areas.
  • Small to medium-sized, compact birds with long, straight and dagger-like bill, short legs and often with bright plumage colours.
  • Cosmopolitan.
  • Mostly forest or woodland, often by water, some in open woodland away from water, one in desert scrub.