Families overview for this order

No close relatives identified#R.

  • Light, medium-sized to large seabirds with long, pointed wings and tail and long, hooked bill.
  • Pantropical.
  • Tropical and subtropical oceans, coastal and pelagic.
  • Medium-sized seabirds with long, narrow, pointed wings and conical bill.
  • All regions except Antarctic.
  • Tropical, subtropical and temperate oceans, mainly off-shore waters.
  • Medium-sized to large waterbirds with elongated body, long neck and strong, hooked bill.
  • Cosmopolitan, with greatest diversity in tropical and temperate zones.
  • Stretches of open water, both coastal and inland.
  • Largish waterbirds with very long slender neck and long spear-like bill.
  • All regions except Antarctic.
  • Inland or coastal waters, preferably still or slow-moving.