Payments are always processed in Euros. Lynx Edicions cannot assume responsibility for possible fluctuations (positive or negative) in the exchange rate on the day when the amount is charged to our customers’ accounts.

Credit card (Recommended)


Visa, MasterCard, American Express or China Union Pay.

When making an online purchase, your payment is processed through the virtual point of sale linked to our bank so your credit card details are not saved in any database.

There is no commission fee.




Please note that there is a 5% commission fee per order.


Subscription Renewals


Renewals can be processed online through this website. You can see available options on your private personal page (you need to be logged in). You will be contacted via email by a customer services representative some time before your subscription is due to expire. Please note that if you renew your subscription before it expires, you won’t have to pay the registration fee again.

Lynx Edicions does not keep the details of the credit card used to purchase the initial subscription, so you will need to re-enter payment information upon renewal.

Now you can renew your subscription automatically!

To sign up for an automatic subscription, please complete the form on your user account page.

How does it work? As your subscription renewal becomes due each year it will be automatically charged to your credit card, for a period of one year from the previous expiry date.