People behind HBW Alive

A great number of people from around the world have participated in the HBW series. Many contributors, particularly the authors and artists, plus the staff at Lynx Edicions, have made the work possible, and their contributions continue with HBW Alive.

What some of the people most involved have to say about HBW Alive:

Peter Boesman (Editor): Peter Boesman (Belgium, 1963) is a lifelong world birder who has contributed to the birding community in many different ways. For the last 25 years... read more

Arnau Bonan (Editor): Arnau is a Biology graduate of the University of Barcelona. He has provided ornithological expertise on a freelance basis to a number of companies, public administration bodies and... read more

Amy Chernasky (Coordinator): Our plan is to recruit even more professionals to this international team to accelerate the updating process and the incorporation of new functionalities, but this will only be possible if a good number of people support the project. Fingers crossed!

David Christie (Editor): In the near future, I imagine HBW Alive allowing for different levels of consultation, with users being able to choose to view the materials as if they were looking at a field guide, a monograph, a handbook or even an exhaustive treatise.

Nigel Collar (Checklist Co-author): The updated taxonomy that will be incorporated from the HBW and BirdLife International Checklist is based on the application to all birds of a new scoring system, which I hope will lead to a greater stability and consistency in ornithological taxonomy.

José Luis Copete (Bibliographical Researcher): José Luis Copete has worked at Lynx Edicions on the HBW since 2002, mainly on bibliographic aspects and the organisation and selection of photographs, from HBW-08, the first Passerine volume... read more

Andy Elliott (Editor): HBW Alive will be the ideal way to keep up to date on what’s known and what isn’t for all bird species, so we can all easily spot which areas are priorities for further research.

Ernest Garcia (Editor): Ernest Garcia was born in Gibraltar, where the conspicuous migratory movements of large birds soon aroused what has been a lifelong interest in ornithology. He completed... read more

Ferran Gil (Web Developer): One of the areas we hope to develop further is the interaction between users and the ornithological community, and we want to connect the project with other web-based initiatives to enhance the experience even more.

Josep del Hoyo (Director): Launching HBW Alive gives me the same excited feeling I had when we started the HBW series. This time, my biggest hope is that, thanks to the type of fee and the improving web-based translation systems, all of this knowledge reaches many more people and this has an impact on conservation everywhere.

Eduardo de Juana (Editor): Eduardo de Juana was a Zoology lecturer and researcher at the Complutense and Autónoma universities, Madrid during 1975–2013. He has published... read more

Francesc Jutglar (Artwork Editor): Francesc is a biologist specialising in Zoology at the University of Barcelona. He is an excellent artist, many of whose illustrations were... read more

Guy Kirwan (Editor): Guy Kirwan has been birding since the late 1970s. Following a period in the early 1990s working in Turkey, mainly on threatened waterfowl, which ultimately led to the standard monograph on the country’s birds... read more

Jeff Marks (Editor): Jeff Marks was born in Connecticut, USA, in 1955 but has lived in the western states of Montana, Idaho and Oregon since 1975. He studied nesting ecology of Northern Long-eared Owls and nonbreeding ecology of Bristle-thighed Curlews for graduate degrees at the University of Montana. His current field... read more

Ramon Mascort (President, Lynx Editorial Council): At Lynx, all of the profit generated by the HBW series has always been reinvested in natural history projects. Our priority with HBW Alive will be to help the site itself to quickly grow better and stronger for the benefit of its users.

Anna Motis (Ranges Editor): Anna has had a lifelong interest in birds and nature that has led to her participation in numerous projects, including breeding bird atlases, waterfowl censuses, bird ringing schemes and ... read more

Julien Reulos (Web Developer): What I’m most keen on aren’t the functionalities we have now, but those yet to come; I think there could be advances that now would seem like science fiction. Let’s hope we have enough members to convert these possibilities into realities.

Jordi Sargatal (Editor): By sharing scientific knowledge, encouraging citizen science and publicizing the great interest of birds, the implications of HBW Alive on Conservation could be important!

Christopher J. Sharpe (Editor): Chris Sharpe grew up in Yorkshire in the UK, but has lived and worked in Latin America for over 20 years. As an ornithologist, he has carried out bird censuses and rapid assessment programmes in Central and South America, and... read more