Nº 55, January 2019

New illustrations from the field guide Birds of Vietnam incorporated into HBW Alive

As we explained in the June Editorial, Lynx and BirdLife International have launched a new series of field guides: Lynx and BirdLife International Field Guides. Last October we incorporated 518 new figures into HBW Alive from the first title of the series, Birds of Thailand.

Now we are happy to announce that the second title of the series was published last December: Birds of Vietnam! And we have incorporated into HBW Alive 122 new figures created for that book.

Highlights of the non-passerines include new illustrations of subspecies that were not included in the HBW series, like male annamensis of Silver Pheasant (Lophura nycthemera), subspecies amoyensis of Savanna Nightjar (Caprimulgus affinis), male annamensis of Rufous Woodpecker (Micropternus brachyurus) and a resting figure of subspecies japonensis of Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus).

Several new figures of flying ducks, doves, cranes and herons have also been added to HBW Alive.

One of the groups where the greatest effort has been made is the swifts. New figures from above or below were prepared with the goal of having all the relevant swifts illustrated from both perspectives.
There are new illustrations of flying seabirds, as well as of additional plumages like adult non-breeding and first winter.
As for the passerines, dozens of new figures—especially of subspecies not formerly included—have been uploaded to HBW Alive, adding to the enormous collection of figures already present. The HBW Alive species plates do an especially good job at illustrating the subspecific biodiversity of passerine species of South-East Asia. With all the figures that we incorporated some months ago from the Birds of Thailand and these recent ones from the Birds of Vietnam, HBW Alive is the best source of South-East Asian passerine figures!
Eyebrowed Wren-babbler
Rufous-backed Sibia
Rufous-cheeked Laughingthrush
Indochinese Green Magpie
To explore the new illustrations, just go to Species plates, and in the Geographic filter (in the upper left-hand corner) type "Vietnam" and then in the Family box type the family or families which interest you (e.g. Accipitridae, Apodidae, Laridae, Corvidae, Pellorneidae, Leiotrichidae, Muscicapidae…). This way you can easily see and enjoy the new illustrations we have incorporated!
Arnau Bonan
Editor and Field Guides Project Co-ordinator, HBW Alive

News on HBW Alive
Updated Species from the Checklist
Work continues on updating the passerine splits derived from Volume 2 of the Illustrated Checklist, both the original "mother" species and the resulting "daughter" species. Last month we completed all "new species" (resulting from splits) of Dicaeidae (Flowerpeckers).

At the same time, we are adding multimedia links to the completed "new species", with the families Nectariniidae (Sunbirds), Ploceidae (Weavers), Fringillidae (Finches) and Parulidae (New World Warblers) under way.
Usambara Double-collared
Usambara Double-collared Sunbird
(Cinnyris usambaricus)
Gran Canaria Blue Chaffinch
Gorgeous Sunbird
Gorgeous Sunbird
(Cinnyris melanogastrus)
Audubon's Warbler
Grand Comoro Fody
Grand Comoro Fody
(Foudia consobrina)
Peruvian Citrine Warbler
Gran Canaria Blue Chaffinch
(Fringilla polatzeki)
Audubon's Warbler
(Setophaga auduboni)
Peruvian Citrine Warbler
(Myiothlypis striaticeps)
We are always busy adding multimedia links to the accounts to enhance the comprehension of the already detailed texts. Some of our recent favourites include links to all species of genera Melaniparus, Spinus and Passerina. Check them out!
Melaniparus Spinus
Here you have our picks for the "top 4" species with recently incorporated multimedia links; do you agree?

Chatham Gerygone
Chatham Gerygone
(Gerygone albofrontata)

Bare-cheeked Babbler
Bare-cheeked Babbler
(Turdoides gymnogenys)
Machaerirhynchus flaviventer
Yellow-breasted Boatbill
(Machaerirhynchus flaviventer)
Band-tailed Seedeater
Band-tailed Seedeater
(Catamenia analis)
Arabian Serin
A male Arabian Serin Crithagra rothschildi singing.
Recorded in Abha, Asir Province, Saudi Arabia,
on 15 December 2018.

Chatham Gerygone
A male Chatham Gerygone Gerygone albofrontata.
Recorded in Tuku Nature Reserve, Chatham Island, New Zealand,
on 2 November 2018.
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Black-cheeked Gnateater

A Black-cheeked Gnateater Conopophaga melanops singing.

Recorded in Fazenda Angelim, Ubatuba, São Paulo State, Brazil, on 9 June 2018.

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