Family Pigeons, Doves (Columbidae)

Least Concern

Madeira Laurel-pigeon (Columba trocaz)


French: Pigeon trocaz German: Silberhalstaube Spanish: Paloma de Madeira
Other common names: Trocaz Pigeon

Columba Trocaz


, 1829,



Closely related to C. bollii#R with which it is sometimes considered conspecific, but differs in larger size, with very much larger feet (judged at 3); silver-grey-and-blackish display feathering on neck-sides and hindcollar vs green patch on neck-side (3); much narrower breast-band (2); silver outer edges to primaries (1); paler overall coloration ([ns]1); and also vocal differences. Also related to C. palumbus, C. unicincta and probably C. junoniae. “Columba laurivora” is an objective junior synonym, originally proposed on basis that “trocaz” was not a Latin word#R. Monotypic.

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Madeira; formerly also on neighbouring island of Porto Santo#R.

Descriptive notes

38–40 cm; 500 g. Differs from closely related C. palumbus in its darker slate colour; neck patches silvery grey, meeting at back of neck; throat and upper neck... read more


Advertising call a very faint and low-pitched, gruff-sounding rhythmic phrase, which is quite... read more


High forest zone, which is often covered in clouds; tall laurel trees (Laurus) and dense... read more

Food and feeding

Feeds mainly on fruit, but also takes leaves and grain; much of the diet consists of the fruit of bay (Laurus azorica). It also... read more


Nests all year round, but mainly February–June. Nests are placed in crevices and caves in inaccessible cliffs or in laurel trees;... read more


Sedentary; may move from cliffs to lowlands to feed, especially in autumn.

Status and conservation

Not globally threatened (Least Concern). Conservation Dependent. Numbers have declined over the last century but now appear more or less stable at estimated 5700–6700... read more

Recommended citation

Baptista, L.F., Trail, P.W., Horblit, H.M., Sharpe, C.J. & Boesman, P. (2020). Madeira Laurel-pigeon (Columba trocaz). In: del Hoyo, J., Elliott, A., Sargatal, J., Christie, D.A. & de Juana, E. (eds.). Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive. Lynx Edicions, Barcelona. (retrieved from on 9 April 2020).