Family Honeyeaters (Meliphagidae)

Least Concern

Mottle-breasted Honeyeater (Microptilotis mimikae)


French: Méliphage de Mimika German: Mimikahonigfresser Spanish: Mielero del Mimika
Other common names: Spot-breasted Honeyeater, Spot-breasted Meliphaga

Ptilotis mimikæ


, 1911,

Mimika River, south New Guinea


Racial variation may be clinal, and species sometimes treated as monotypic#R. Form rarus, described from single specimen from lowlands of Idenburg R (N New Guinea), is an atypical specimen of M. analogus flavidus#R. Three subspecies tentatively recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution
  • M. m. mimikae (Ogilvie-Grant, 1911) – S slopes of Central Range and lowlands of SW & SC New Guinea from at least Mimika R and Snow Mts E (including along rivers Kapare, Wataikwa, Iwaka, Setekwa, Utakwa and Noord) to upper Fly R.
  • M. m. bastille (Diamond, 1967) – S slopes of Eastern Highlands.
  • M. m. granti (Rand, 1936) – S slopes of mountains of SE New Guinea from upper Angabunga R E at least to Sogeri Plateau, and in Hydrographer Range on N watershed.
  • Descriptive notes

    16·5–17 cm; male 24–32·5g, female 22–29 g (bastille). Nominate race has top and side of head and neck and upperparts dark greyish-... read more


    Loud, short “tuck” or “chip” or “chup” note, similar to those... read more


    Forest, mainly in foothills and lower montane slopes, c. 150 m to 1150 m, locally down to sea-level... read more

    Food and feeding

    Diet includes fruit, arthropods (mainly insects) and almost certainly nectar. Forages mainly in shrubby understorey and lower middle storey... read more


    Details from two nests in Crater Mt, in mid-Mar and late Apr. Nest a slightly oval open cup made of fine plant fibres, twigs and vines,... read more


    Resident at Crater Mt; probably sedentary throughout range, with some local movements.   read more

    Status and conservation

    Not globally threatened. Generally fairly common to abundant, infrequently observed. One of the most abundant forest birds at Karimui, and the most common of the six closely... read more

    Recommended citation

    Higgins, P., Christidis, L. & Ford, H. (2020). Mottle-breasted Honeyeater (Microptilotis mimikae). In: del Hoyo, J., Elliott, A., Sargatal, J., Christie, D.A. & de Juana, E. (eds.). Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive. Lynx Edicions, Barcelona. (retrieved from on 25 February 2020).