Family Pigeons, Doves (Columbidae)

Least Concern

Spectacled Imperial-pigeon (Ducula perspicillata)


French: Carpophage à lunettes German: Brillenfruchttaube Spanish: Dúcula de anteojos
Other common names: Buru Imperial-pigeon, White-eyed Imperial-pigeon, White-spectacled Imperial-pigeon (when lumped with D. neglecta)

Columba perspicillata


, 1824,



Usually considered conspecific with D. neglecta but it differs from that species in its much darker grey head (3); typically much less bronzy-green back and wings (2); and different voice (allow 2). Forms a species-group with that species, D. aenea and D. concinna. Monotypic.


N, W & SW Moluccas (Morotai, Loleba Besar, Halmahera, Ternate, Tidore, Moti, Kayoa, Kasiruta, Bacan, Widi, Damar, Bisa, Obi, Buru) and W Papuan Is (Kofiau).

Descriptive notes

41·5–43 cm. Medium to large imperial-pigeon, with a relatively long tail, fairly slender body and rather steep forehead. Head dark bluish grey with conspicuous... read more


Very vocal. Advertising call (usually delivered from deep cover) a series of 6–8 loud, moderately... read more


Prefers primary forest, primarily in the lowlands; also occurs in tall secondary forest, wooded... read more

Food and feeding

Frugivorous; feeds on larger fruits in the canopy, but no further information available. Usually observed alone or in pairs, more... read more


Almost nothing known; breeding reported in Feb–Mar and nestbuilding in Nov on Buru.


No information, but presumably wanders in search of fruit to some extent, like most congenerics. read more

Status and conservation

Not globally threatened (Least Concern). Considered generally common throughout its range and global population thought to exceed 500,000 individuals. Population on Buru... read more

Recommended citation

Baptista, L.F., Trail, P.W., Horblit, H.M., Kirwan, G.M. & Garcia, E.F.J. (2019). Spectacled Imperial-pigeon (Ducula perspicillata). In: del Hoyo, J., Elliott, A., Sargatal, J., Christie, D.A. & de Juana, E. (eds.). Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive. Lynx Edicions, Barcelona. (retrieved from on 13 December 2019).