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White Wagtail (Motacilla alba)


Motacilla alba

Linnaeus, 1758, Sweden.

Thought to be closely related to M. maderaspatensis, M. grandis and M. aguimp, all of which formerly often regarded as races of...

Descriptive notes: 16·5–18 cm; male 20–24·6g, female 17·6–21·9 g (to 27·9 g when laying). Male nominate race in breeding plumage has mid-crown to nape and hindneck black, chin and throat black, rest of...
figure, drawing, illustration of White Wagtail (Motacilla alba)

Black-and-chestnut Eagle (Spizaetus isidori)


Falco Isidori

Des Murs, 1845, Bogotá, Colombia.

Previously placed in monotypic genus Oroaetus, but recent phylogenetic study found this species to be nested among the New World Spizaetus...

Descriptive notes: 60–80 cm, wingspan 144–166 cm. Large, stocky eagle with relatively short tail but long wings. Head, crest, neck and upperparts black, below chestnut streaked with black; thighs black, feathered tarsi chestnut; tail...
figure, drawing, illustration of Black-and-chestnut Eagle (Spizaetus isidori)

Red-billed Hornbill (Tockus erythrorhynchus)


Buceros erythrorhynchus

Temminck, 1823, Mora, Cameroon.

Closest to T. monteiri, but close also to T. flavirostris, T. leucomelas and T. deckeni (and presumably jacksoni...

Descriptive notes: 35 cm; male 124–185 g, female 90–151 g (nominate), male 182 g, female 148 g (race kempi), male 128 g, female 125 g (race ruahae). Small, black-and-white hornbill with spotted wing-coverts, white in outer tail, and long,...
figure, drawing, illustration of Red-billed Hornbill (Tockus erythrorhynchus)

Saxaul Sparrow (Passer ammodendri)


Passer ammodendri

Gould, 1872, Turkestan = Djulek, above Kyzyl Orda, on the Syr Darya, Kazakhstan.

Currently six allopatric populations, relationships among which, and degree to which they are sufficiently distinctive to justify subspecific separation,...

Descriptive notes: 14–16 cm; 25–32 g. Male nominate race has central forehead and crown to nape black, broad white supercilium from in front of eye, becoming tawny behind eye and fanning out on side of neck; lores black, narrow black line...
figure, drawing, illustration of Saxaul Sparrow (Passer ammodendri)

Spot-winged Wood-quail (Odontophorus capueira)


Perdix capueira

Spix, 1825, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Race plumbeicollis not well defined and possibly undiagnosable, seemingly based on a unique type#R....

Descriptive notes: 26·5–30 cm; estimated weight of male 457 g, of female 396 g. Bright red bare eyering and eyelid. Sides of head, malar region, chin, throat, breast and belly plain grey; overall colour brown to grey. Crest and crown...
figure, drawing, illustration of Spot-winged Wood-quail (Odontophorus capueira)