Family Ovenbirds (Furnariidae)

Least Concern

Tschudi's Woodcreeper (Xiphorhynchus chunchotambo)


French: Grimpar de Tschudi German: Bartstreif-Baumsteiger Spanish: Trepatroncos de Tschudi

Dendrocolaptes Chunchotambo


, 1844,

Chanchamayo Valley, Junín, Peru


Has normally been considered conspecific with X. ocellatus (which see), but split in HBW supported by several analyses#R#R, and song indicated as distinctive#R; race napensis allied with X. ocellatus by some authors, but external morphology supports original treatment as a race of present species. Three subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution
  • X. c. napensis Chapman, 1924 – lower Andean slopes and adjacent Amazonian lowlands from S Colombia (SE Nariño, W Caquetá) S to NE Peru (S to R Marañón).
  • X. c. chunchotambo (Tschudi, 1844) – lower Andean slopes in E & NE Peru (S of R Marañón to Ucayali and Junín).
  • X. c. brevirostris J. T. Zimmer, 1934 – Andean foothills and adjacent lowlands in SE Peru, Brazil (S Acre)#R and N & C Bolivia (La Paz and W Beni E to W Santa Cruz).
  • Descriptive notes

    21–24·5 cm; 30–38 g. A slim, medium-sized woodcreeper with bill relatively long, slim and noticeably decurved distally. Nominate race has face finely streaked... read more


    Song apparently given somewhat intermittently (often only few songs in a bout), primarily at dawn... read more


    Evergreen forest, primarily on lower Andean slopes, but also in adjacent lowlands. Principally... read more

    Food and feeding

    Presumably insectivorous, but diet not described in detail. Most prey relatively small (average 0·5 cm), but larger items to 4 cm in length... read more


    Virtually unknown; nothing published on nest, eggs or even of timing of breeding. Juvenile in early Dec in Peruvian Andes. In one study,... read more



    Status and conservation

    Not globally threatened. Uncommon to fairly common throughout range; at least in Peru, appears to be more common in lower montane forest above c. 1000 m than in adjacent... read more

    Recommended citation

    Marantz, C.A., Aleixo, A., Bevier, L.R. & Patten, M.A. (2019). Tschudi's Woodcreeper (Xiphorhynchus chunchotambo). In: del Hoyo, J., Elliott, A., Sargatal, J., Christie, D.A. & de Juana, E. (eds.). Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive. Lynx Edicions, Barcelona. (retrieved from on 13 December 2019).