Family Cotingas (Cotingidae)

Least Concern

White-tipped Plantcutter (Phytotoma rutila)


French: Rara du Paraguay German: Zweibinden-Pflanzenmäher Spanish: Cortarramas argentino

Phytotoma rutila


, 1818,



See P. raimondii. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution
  • P. r. angustirostris d’Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1837 – highlands of C & S Bolivia (La Paz and Santa Cruz S to Tarija), and N Argentina (around Pichanal, in N Salta).
  • P. r. rutila Vieillot, 1818 – N & E Argentina (S to Mendoza, La Pampa, Río Negro and NE Chubut); in winter also Paraguay and W Uruguay.
  • Descriptive notes

    18–19·5 cm; 30–57 g. Distinctive, with short crest, conspicuous pale iris, short, stout, conical bill with finely serrated edges. Male has rufous forehead... read more


    Usual call, by both sexes, a mechanical “errrrrrr”, like sound made by winding old-... read more


    Chaco woodland, open woodland and woodland edge with dense undergrowth, also riparian thickets,... read more

    Food and feeding

    Herbivore; feeds mainly on foliage (up to 90% of diet); some fruits and flowers also taken. Food items include buds, shoots and leaves of... read more


    Eggs in Jan–Feb and Sept–Dec; fledglings recorded in Dec and Jan, and juveniles in Dec, Feb, Mar and May; may raise two broods... read more


    Resident and partial migrant. Some S populations move N after breeding, and those breeding at high... read more

    Status and conservation

    Not globally threatened. Fairly common, even locally abundant seasonally. Not restricted to undisturbed habitats, as it occurs in agricultural lands and gardens. Nominate... read more

    Recommended citation

    Walther, B. (2019). White-tipped Plantcutter (Phytotoma rutila). In: del Hoyo, J., Elliott, A., Sargatal, J., Christie, D.A. & de Juana, E. (eds.). Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive. Lynx Edicions, Barcelona. (retrieved from on 18 November 2019).