On this page you will discover all the possibilities and functionalities of HBW Alive that were simply impossible with the printed edition. The following collection of tutorials will help you to understand how to use this website.

Tips for printing the Printable Checklist

One of the most useful tools for an upcoming birding trip is the Printable checklist.

In this tutorial we explain how, once you have configured the Printable checklist as desired, to get a printed version of the checklist including pages numbers, coloured highlighting for your selected target species and icons for photos, videos and sounds. The process differs a bit based on the browser you are using.

Geographic Filter

The Geographic Filter (see upper left-hand corner of the page) is one of HBW Alive’s most powerful tools, as it allows you to filter all of the information on the site to just the species present in one or more countries that you select.

My Birding User Manual

The goal of this Manual is to explain to HBW Alive users how to get the most out of My Birding, the HBW Alive bird sighting recording system. My Birding is improving quickly, that is why this Manual will be continuously updated and all the future new improvements will be explained.