Geographic Filter

The Geographic Filter (see upper left-hand corner of the page) is one of HBW Alive’s most powerful tools, as it allows you to filter all of the information on the site to just the species present in one or more countries that you select.

Geographic Filter

For example, if you filter by Japan, the Taxonomic Tree will automatically be reduced to only the species present in Japan, and you will only see the Orders and Families of those species. This makes it easier to explore the bird species present in a country.

Also, if you are using My Biridng and go to the “World list” option under My Birding you will see that Japan is already selected in the Geographic filter box, so only the species present in Japan will be displayed.

You can then filter by Common name, Genus, Species and Family, and also by Global conservation status and Country status. Also, if you have entered Birdlists, you can choose to show all of the species for which you have sightings from that country or not.

Combining different data filters, you can obtain important information when planning a trip. For example, if you select Country status "regular” and My sightings “No”, you will get a list of all the species regularly present in Japan that you have not seen yet!