My Birding statistics

Right now My Birding supplies you with global information from your data in two ways: My Birding totals and My First Sightings around the world.

My Birding totals
Once you have created a bird sighting you will have at least one Birdlist and one species with one sighting. As you create more Birdlists and Trips, or you import them, the number of bird sightings in My Birding increases, and it will be interesting to see the statistics of all your data. You will find these in My Birding totals.

In the Header Menu place the cursor over “My Birding” and click on the tab “My Birding”. A new page will open. You will find a box with My Birding totals, which gives an important summary of your data.

•    Number of species recorded.
•    If there are species that you have only heard, this is specified.
•    The number of species with photos, videos and sound recordings. The number of documented species is the number of species for which you have recorded at least one kind of material (photo, video or sound).
•    You will also see the number of individual birds seen, and the number of Birdlists and Trips (with links to your Birdlists and Trips pages) that you have.

Depending on your configuration of the My Birding preferences, the system will calculate your statistics counting “Heard only” species and “Introduced” species or not.

My First Sightings around the world
Below My Birding totals you will find My First Sightings around the world. This section has a world map giving all the countries where you have at least one First Sighting shaded in green, with the intensity of the colour depending on the number of First Sightings in each country.


In the lower left-hand corner, you’ll see a bar ranging from 1 to the maximum number of First Sightings that you have in any one particular country. You can also see full-screen maps of the world and different territories: Africa, Northern America, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.


If you place the cursor on one of the countries where you have First Sightings, a small window will open with the country’s name and the number of First Sightings you have there.


Below the world map, there is a box with all of the countries where you have First Sightings and the number of First Sightings for each.


If you click on a country, a new page loads with all the species present in it, and you will see the ones you have checked. It is the same page as if you select that country using the Geographic Tree (see left-hand vertical bar). By clicking on one of the First Sightings of a particular country, a new window opens with all of the First Sightings you have from there.


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