My Birding User Manual

The goal of this Manual is to explain to HBW Alive users how to get the most out of My Birding, the HBW Alive bird sighting recording system. My Birding is improving quickly, that is why this Manual will be continuously updated and all the future new improvements will be explained.

The Manual is divided into 7 chapters:

1. Quick Start

2. How is My Birding organized

3. Importing external data to My Birding

4. My Birding Preferences

5. My Birding statistics

6. How to obtain precise information

7. My Birding species maintenance

8. Printable Checklist



Appendix 1: “Escaped” and “Do not count” boxes

Appendix 2: Introducing several subspecies of the same species in a Birdlist

This manual is also available as a PDF file.