Printable checklist

The “printable checklist” is a feature that all HBW Alive subscribers can use to produce a species list for a specific territory fully customized to one’s personal needs. It has never been easier to print a checklist for an upcoming trip!

Printable checklist configuration

By default, the page offers you the list of birds present in the selected territory/ies. You can considerably improve the content and appearance of the list with following three optional steps.

1. Sorting criteria

The species list is ordered taxonomically by default. If you prefer a different order, this should be done first, before any other steps, as it requires reloading the page, which resets all of the other filters. You can choose to order the list by the species’ English common names or scientific names, either in ascending or descending order.

Sorting criteria

2. Calendar and targets

The second block of filters sets up some useful features according to the duration of your trip and your goals.

Calendar and targets

- Set nº of days
To establish the number of days of your trip, choose the “Start” and “End” dates from the pop-up calendars in these fields. The system will add the corresponding dates and underscore marks next to each species. If you plan on visiting more than one place per day and would like to have separate underscore marks for these different “sessions”, you can increase the number of “Sessions per day” up to four.

If you find the default output too compact for your taste, you can change the “Spacing” to “Normal” or “Ample”. If you prefer to have the dates and underscore marks appear below the species name (not next to it), mark the "new line" option.

NOTE: in the "Set nº of days" section, there is no button to apply the changes to the species list. As soon as you make a change in a filter, the list is updated immediately.

- Trip index page
You can prepare an index page for your trip to have a clear record of your daily itinerary and notes. Simply choose the number of “Lines per day” for your entries and a “Spacing” option and activate the page by clicking the “Apply” button. A new block with a preview of the page will appear between the filters and the species list.

- Targets
If you're a Supporting member, you can define your birding goals by indicating up to four of the pre-determined targets available in the “Targets” section. Choose from the drop-down menus and when you have your targets selected, click the “Apply” button. You will see on the species list that all of the relevant species will have their names highlighted with the same colours as the corresponding targets (#1 = red, #2 = orange, #3 = yellow, #4 = green).

The first target (#1) will have priority over the second (#2), meaning that if, for example, you define target #1 as "Not on Worldlist" and target #2 as "No photo", the species meeting both criteria will be highlighted in red only. This is also true for the rest of the targets (target #2 over target #3, etc.). Click the “Reset” button to delete your selection of the targets and to remove the colours from the species names.

- Additional lines for “write-ins”
To include some extra lines at the end of the species list in case you sight some species that are not present on the list, choose the “Number of lines” you want added and click “Apply”.

3. Elements


Many elements can be shown or hidden to customize your printed checklist (e.g. species names in different languages, figures, conservation status, vagrants, etc.). You may also manually hide any specific species you don't want to print by marking the checkbox of the species at the right-hand side of the list.

Printable checklist export

The printable checklist can be printed (which is the recommended way to output the list) or can be exported to Word or Excel files.

PLEASE NOTE: the filters are only intended for the printed version. The Word and Excel exports will contain for each species: the check mark, the check line, the English common name, the scientific name, the territory status and the conservation status. Once you have the list of species in a Word or Excel file, you can, of course, configure the display to suit your needs. The exported file is limited to 2000 rows. In case your checklist contains more species, please choose a smaller territory.

Need a PDF? If you are using Google Chrome browser, from the species list page, just type CTRL+P or ?-P (Mac) to open the Print dialog and change the destination printer to “Save as PDF”. Hit the Print button and the current web page will instantly download as a PDF document.


Start using the Printable Checklist right now!

In this tutorial we explain how, once you have configured the Printable checklist as desired, to get a printed version of the checklist including pages numbers, coloured highlighting for your selected target species and icons for photos, videos and sounds.

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