On this page you will discover all the possibilities and functionalities of HBW Alive that were simply impossible with the printed edition. The following collection of tutorials will help you to understand how to use this website.

Quick Start

My Birding is one of the most flexible and powerful, yet uncomplicated, bird observation recording system available. If this is the first time you’re using My Birding, you may be in one of the following situations, for which we give our recommendations on how to start enjoying the system:

My Birding Preferences

Before introducing your bird sightings into My Birding, you should first decide if you want Heard only species and/or Introduced species to count for your statistics. Depending on the preferences you indicate, My Birding will calculate your statistics in one way or another. Your preferences are changeable and you can modify them as many times as you want.
First, click on your user name (upper right-hand corner of the page) and then click on the tab that says “EDIT”. At the bottom of that page you will find “MY BIRDING PREFERENCES” with two options:

World Birdlist and National Birdlists

Introducing all your backlog of data manually in Birdlists can be time-consuming if you have a considerable amount of records. We recommend that My Birding users introduce all their birdlists, which will give the best output and data, including statistics, maps, information in the species account of each species you have seen, information on numbers of “heard only” species, total world list and much more…

How many times have you seen a species in a certain country?

Once you’ve introduced or imported all your bird sightings into My Birding, it’s very easy to find out the number of sightings you’ve had of each species for every country you’ve visited. In the Header Menu, place the cursor over “My Birding” and click on “World list”. This page gives you a list of all your sighted species. On the right-hand side of the table you have the number of sightings for each species. If you click on the number, a window opens with a list of all the countries in which you’ve seen the species and the number of sightings in each.

Family accounts

The HBW series is the first work ever to illustrate and deal in detail with all living species of birds. For each family there is a text organized in different sections that cover the main biological aspects of birds; Systematics, Morphological Aspects, Habitat, General Habits, Voice, Food and Feeding, Breeding, Movements, Relationship with Man, and Status and Conservation.

How to create a Trip

After coming back from holidays, you want to introduce all your bird sightings to My Birding. What to do first?

If you want to have all your birdlists of that holidays joined in one new trip, you can do it in two ways: first create the Trip and then make all the birdlists, or first create all the new birdlists with all the bird sightings and later group them in a new Trip.

“My Birding” box in the species accounts

As My Birding continues to improve, we are increasing the information generated from users’ personal bird sightings in different HBW Alive sections. Now, in the “My Birding” box in each species account, you will find:

1. The number of your sightings of the species, specifying the ones seen and the ones heard only.

2. The subspecies you have seen.

3. The number of photos, videos and sound recordings in your birdlists.

4. The different territories where you have seen the species.